staking a comp???

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    I have to stake my bc1.5 to make my ar "legal" according to nfa, can anyone tell me how far to drill into the barrel, I don't wanna go to far or not far enough
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    You will also need to weld it to make the connection permanent. My opinion, have a gunsmith do it. If you drill too deep or overheat the barrel or brake when you solder it you can actually anneal the metal or worse case warp the muzzle. Silver solder's melting point is >1,000 degrees which is going to get the barrel white hot.

    Aesthetically, unless you are a machinist or a master welder it will look like a crap job.
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  3. CGS

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    Two options, and this can be verified on the ATF website.

    Silver Solder.

    Pinned and welded.

    I generally opt for pinned and welded, though silver solder works just as well, it can discolor or ruin some metals.

    SIlver solder is soldering (like a plumber would) with a special silver soldering materials, which can be bought at most places like brownells or midways and is expensive if you're only goign to do it once.

    The way I pin and weld, I drill a hole through the flash hider/compensator and into the threads of the barrel. I do not drill through the barrell all the way, I just drill enough to drill to the flat bottom of the threads. Drop in a hardened steel pin and weld the pin in place. This WILL prevent you from removing the compensator without drilling out the pin and last I checked is ATF approved and looks much much better than welding the whole thing on.