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    We know the holders of the type 07 FFL who actively engage in the manufacture of guns and ammo must pay a special occupations tax.
    The license is $150.
    The more common type 01 license is $200 and incurs no special taxation.
    I am wondering this;

    1) If I get the 07, at what point do I pay the SOT? Upon issuance, upon the first sale, upon the first manufacture, at my leisure, upon approval of the SOT registration, etc.? When do I pay?

    2) Also, can a type 07 engage in gunsmithing?

    Before anyone recommends it, and I do appreciate the help, I have call the TTB and the state department and the ATF but to no avail. I got mixed answered, and conflicting answers.
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    Welcome to the government. We no longer have anyone that knows what they are doing. You might as well call the IRS too since it is a special occupation tax. I am sure they would want some of the money too. It is bad enough when one agency is involved but multiple agencies is chaos.:( We need a special smiley for disgusted.

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    Usually they want payment WITH the application for license.
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    You don't have to pay a SOT unless you want to. The SOT payment is to be made before June 1st and it goes until June 1st. I actually payed my first SOT in October and had to pay again in May so I lost 5 months of it. The SOT is what gives you the ability to buy,sell, or make NFA stuff.

    The 07 Is classified as a Manufacturer. You can do anything that a gunsmith does or more. As an 07 you could make a receiver from scratch, give it a serial number and register it with a Form 2. Same with a suppressor.

    The 07 is only 150 for 3 years so its actually cheaper. It was supposed to be the other way around but the ATF screwed that up and its been too long to worry about it.

    The SOT is only voluntary. It covers only NFA stuff and is 500$ a year for most people. Make over 500,000 a year and it jumps to 1000$ a year.