Red Cross Needs You

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Ranger-6, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Ranger-6

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    Make sure to sent $10.00 for the tornado victims, Red Cross needs new carpet in their new offices.
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  2. bkt

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    +1! Many offices could use a new espresso machine, too.

  3. Yunus

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    This is true, their local office may have even been affected :) .

    Last year when Williamsport, PA had record floods the Red Cross contacted local church's to help support families that were displaced. They then tried to tell the churches they were not allowed to provide home cooked food to these people because the source of the food could not be verified. The church I know of just shrugged them off and ignored them.

    One positive thing I can say about the Red Cross is that they are good organizers. While the local churches and businesses were the ones doing the leg work, the Red Cross did organize those groups and connect individuals in need with the groups offering help.
  4. gollygee

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    I'd burn the gas to drive the 300 mile round trip, not to mention fighting that Dallas/Ft. Worth traffic, find someone with damage to their house & give them $100 before I'd give red cross $10.
  5. orangello

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    The local red cross office is next door to the office i work in--i should say local red cross office building. It is a three story building in the downtown section with a private parking area for a half-dozen cars (usually really nice cars), and the building has a pair of really nice, natural gas powered generators out back. They have dropped some seeeeeeeeeerious coin fixing up this old building. It looks nice. It does annoy me when, even with their private parking area, they use the blue handicap spot on the street as a loading zone.

    I have heard they were helpful during Katrina to people who didn't have a church group or any other support structure.
  6. JTJ

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    Donate to the Salvation Army. They dont waste the money they collect. The Head of the Red Cross makes more money a month than the head of the Salvation Army makes in a year. United Way is another greedy organization.