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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by Para1445, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. Para1445

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    I have the double stack p14 45 andwas curious if changing the factory guid erod would be benefical to me? I have not done any mods to any firearm I have owned but this para is the first one I have had that i have really liked and wouldnt get rid of. Any modification suggestions welcome.

    Thank You
  2. DrumJunkie

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    If it's not acting up I see n o reason to change it. You will hear the two camps pounding the drum for and against the shorter guide rods. I have both and I have not seen any real difference. Other than the two piece rods needing a tool to take down a weapon that was designed to be taken down without tools.;)

    I have not owned the P14 but do have a P16 and LTC. The P16 has the short rod and the LTC has a full length rod. The LTC can be a little tricky with it's one piece full length rod. The P16 is a tack driver as it is so I never seen a need to change it.

    If you think about it there is not a lot of room for that spring to go anywhere under the slide. One might see signs of wear a little faster with the short guide rods being you do get a little more movement but honestly I can't see enough of a reason to change to anything that is not in the weapon as it is. I do however tend to use 18-20# springs in my 45's. Does it help? I do seem to see some difference in some lower end 1911's with the lock up and the heavier springs.

    Bottom line if your pistol is working fine as is I don't think you will see any real difference with a full length guide rod. THey are not a real expensive mod though. Try it and see what you think.

  3. SmokyBaer

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    My P14 was a "Limited" model and came with a full length rod. It was quite accurate but I don't believe the guide rod enhanced the accuracy. If anything, it added more weight forward and perhaps more spring life.

    That said, I have grown to prefer the lighter weight and easier takedown of the short guide.