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  1. article2

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    I have an archangel 5.56 stock and I would like to OD green the butt and grip on it. Could someone with experience on this tell me what paint to use and how well it holds?
  2. Ryadew3468

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    Im doing my glock frame, which is also polymer, with the duracoat for guns. Going to lightly scuff the sureface with some grey scotch bright. Just enough to take the shine off. Make sure you degrease it very good. Use a degreaser(you could get from the paint store where you get the paint. I wouldnt use purple power.) then a good soap and water bath I would use dawn or a dish soap like that. then dry it very good. Do all that before you scuff it or youll rub the oils in and your paint will not hold or "fish eye"