Our Constitutional Right to Protect Ourselves, Friends and Family

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    A friend and law enforcement Captain sent me this! I thought I would share it with all here on the FTF. Feel free to pass it on!
    It is amazing how we hear the liberal left talking about how much support they get from Law Enforcement regarding passing strict gun control! I will guarantee you, the majority of law enforcement officers are not in favor at all! We value the Second Amendment of the Constitution (The rights of the people shall not be infringed!) We just wish our liberal courts would do their job regarding weapon crimes and jail sentences for once! As well as that of individuals with mental illness who are prone to violence. Let me be clear a lot of individuals even with some sort of mental illness are not violent and have no violent tendencies like everyone of those resent dirt balls that are responsible for this phony reason for the attack on our Second Amendment Rights and our semi-auto ARs and other weapons. They are "NOT ASSAULT RIFLES"! Of course we are dealing with and listening to IDIOTS with an underlining agenda to disarm the citizens making us subjects and not citizens! Please read the following I believe you will enjoy it! I thought it was very meaningful.

    *The proposed gun control legislation does not improve public safety, but
    reduces the ability of the people to resist tyranny. High capacity magazines
    are not necessary to kill unarmed people, but are very important for
    fighting armed minions of a tyrannical government. Making fighting weapons
    less available to people reduces their ability to defend themselves. People
    without the ability to defend themselves are at greater risk than people
    that can defend themselves.

    While the threat of a crazy gunman exists, it pales into significance in
    comparison to the threat of a murderous government. Murderous governments
    are not fiction, but historical fact and have emerged virtually everywhere
    where gun control has been put in place. People point to the many Western
    nations that have gun control but no murderous governments as examples, but
    these governments know that if they were to start killing their own people,
    Americans would step in. America is the last bastion of freedom on the
    planet and that is why America is under attack.

    The biggest threat to freedom in America today comes from within. That
    threat is traitors in high positions. These traitors work covertly and watch
    their actions carefully lest they become exposed in a manner that removes
    the doubt of the public, most of whom cannot believe that such massive
    treason can take place in our society. They have chosen the ideal cover for
    their goals of subverting America - the guise of public servants. Using
    their positions of power, they have gradually eroded our freedoms and rights
    to further increase their own power. America is now on the brink of
    dictatorship, where this small group of traitors can have unlimited control
    of the nation.

    The President's power to use Executive Orders to direct policy regardless of
    the will of the people is identical to the power of dictators. Diane
    Feinstein's' proposed legislation has not been introduced because the people
    have made abundantly clear that we do not support gun control legislation.
    Knowing this, the President is planning to use the power of Executive Dictator
    to act contrary to the will of the people in direct violation of the
    Constitution he swore to uphold. Abusing his power to oppose the will of the
    people and violating the Constitution is an act of treason. Planning such an
    act is planning to commit treason. He is not alone in this act. If they can
    dictate policy to disarm the people, there will be nothing to stop them from
    making orders to imprison people opposed to them or extending their terms as
    the rulers indefinitely. If they do these things in spite of the will of the
    people, who will stop them?

    Some people say that the weapons available to the people are not sufficient
    to protect freedom against tyranny, because the state has much more powerful
    weapons. There is truth to this criticism and this is because the state has
    been gradually eroding self-defense rights of the people for some time now.
    The legislation that infringes on our rights needs to be removed and our
    rights must be restored and vigilantly guarded.
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    Great post!!! Couldn't agree more.

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    One very interesting issue to me.is prior to the election in November people were in a panic about losing second amendment rights. Then there was a very brief flurry of articles about numerous government agencies buy Hugh volumes of ammunition. Some of those agencies had no armed personnel. Then we had Newtown where the shooter used two hand guns to kill 26 people but had an AR15 in his car. Then all of a sudden it was they were killed with the AR15 And now there is almost no ammunition available anyplace except personal defense ammo which DC is trying to pull from the market. Can someone explain what's going on because I sure am confused ?
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    There are plenty of threads in the conspiracy sub forum that relates to your question about what's going on. I think the basic thought boils down to people believing the government is buying all the ammo to keep it out of the hands of the civilian population. Also, people believe that the government is preparing for a civilian uprising. I don't know if I believe that, but I do have many friends in the military that do logistics that say they are getting orders to send ammo to depts that have no arms. It is weird the dept for homeland security bought 760000 rounds of hollow points and buckshot for training perposes...
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    Thats ok. I have plenty of hollow points and buckshot too. Plus lots of other stuff. ;)
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    Not one fellow cop I know at my department is in support of Obama's gun control. Lol
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    760,000 rounds seems to be a huge purchase and using hollow points seems a waste of money for a government with no money