OHV gun rack for soft cases

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    Wife and I are in the planning stages of making rifle/shtogun racks for underneath the roof of our Yamaha Rhino UTV. Since this vehicle sees LOTS of dust all day long I don't want the guns to be open to the elements. I plan to make the gun racks to fit our soft cases. I know some outdoor people prefer the hard plastic cases, but for where we want to mount them I prefer the soft cases. My goal is to mount them underneath the roof and be able to either unzip the case a little and remove the gun with the case still in place or to remove the case and gun together if need be. So it will have quick-release mounts of some sort. Below is a pic of the room we have to mount them. The dimensions are 48 inches wide and 8 inches front-to-rear for each gun. Plenty of room for two guns, we might even make mounts for three guns.

    I have the ability to fabricate the mounts and have some ideas, but would love to hear ideas if any of you have some.

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    If you can find some 3/16 sheet metal scraps you should be able to fabricate something sturdy yet easy to shape. Often you can find scrap at a recycling facility. You can buy the metal by the pound at a good price.

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    That sounds like a fun, interesting project. I'm subbing for future updates. Good luck.
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    No matter what design you decide on ....the secret word is "Velcro" You can buy some cases and have Velcro sewn onto the case, or do it yourself. Then the case can stay in place and you can unzip it, and when you are out of the vehicle, the case can be pulled down. Once you commit to Velcro on the case, you can become creative in places to mount the gun.