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    Hi guys,

    I need some input.

    Can anybody give me figures to the following questions?

    - How many homicides are committed per year with firearms in the US?
    - How many of these homicides are subject to gun violence, such as gang violence, etc. ?
    - How many cases of successfull self defense with a legally owned firearm are recorded per year in the US?
    -How many cases of self defense with a legally owned firearm are recorded per year, where not a single shot was fired, so only showing the firearm was enough to solve the problem?

    If possible, I would also need the source (best an official source) of the information.

    I`d be gratefull for some help.
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    Does the FBI still do annual reports on crimes and gun shootings?
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    Looks like your trying to write a thesis! If so, your in good company, lots of interest in firearm stats out there nowadays. Lots of stats also, they are endless and vary like NY weather! The old adage "Figures dont lie but liars sure can figure" comes to mind.

    Im not a stats person per se though as you know, you can get those all in about 10 minutes using Google! Someone else will chime in with those Im sure. The stats your looking for will come back wildly different according to the sources, the devil is in your details as to how effective a measure those stats really are for you. Changing or failing to include a single word in your basis's for the numbers you seek can swing a stat completely in another direction so take them all with a grain of salt.
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    two sources- FBI Uniform Crime Report, and Center for Disease Control.

    Here is the UCR for 2012-

    I would defer to John Lott Jr. for info on defensive uses. Problem there- most will never be reported/ recorded by any data collecting agency.

    AND since it does sound like you are doing a paper, thesis, dissertation, or have terminal insomnia- a note of caution- MAKE PEOPLE DEFINE THEIR TERMS.

    Example- homicide. What is a homicide? Well, it is the killing of a person. Please note what I just left out.

    I did not say that it was an UNLAWFUL killing of a person. I did not say it was an INTENTIONAL killing of a person. So an attacker is killed by their intended victim- homicide, but not a murder.

    Second example- the classification of victims. Have seen much of this data so skewed as to be meaningless. Case in point- the number of children killed with firearms. Excuse me- let's pretend I am from Mars, and have never seen an Earth child. Could you please define the term..... child?

    You and I probably have an image of little Suzy and Bobby on their way to the playground. What is YOUR mental image of "child" right this second? Probably about age 8 or younger. HOWEVER- one MAJOR "study" had a number of children killed with firearms that exceeded ALL deaths by ALL means for ALL children- I went back, and looked at their defined population. Oh. THEY were calling people "children" that were 26 years of age and younger. Their sampling included the 25 yr old that picked the wrong victim for an intended rape, and was shot. They included to 21 yr old that decided to shoot it out with the police.

    I could make a case that we need more laws controlling explosives because of the number of children that are horribly injured each year by explosives. Sure, I have the stats right here. Of course, I included all the "children" in the US military that were injured by IEDs in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    There are lies, damned lies, and statistics. Make them define their terms, or the data is suspect.
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    Let's cut to the chase, here, shall we?

    What is an anti?

    Usually, it's some poorly informed

    individual who's been mislead by

    maliciously slanted statistics.

    Unfortunately, there's no arguing with

    them. Period.

    Take them to the range. Break out the 22s,

    and the low recoil rifles. Show them how to

    shoot. Be patient. Answer the questions.

    IME, it's the only pro-gun argument which

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    I apologize for giving you suggestions instead of giving the answers to your questions. The reason I did this is so that you will learn how to find the info you want. It's the old question of whether I should give you a fish or teach you to fish.
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    reason for my questions is as followed:

    Europe is always looking over the big pond and pushes all major crimes commited with firearms in the news.

    What is never reported, just like in the US or with crimes here in germany, is the difference between the different types of firearm usage.

    Where it is always hyped up, when somebody is shot, you never find any reports on successfull self defence.
    In the uS you will find them every now and then, but here they don`t report on these cases, because it dosn`t fit in the way the gungrabbers think.

    I would be fairly sure, that the NRA has the needed information, but I`m not an NRA member, since I don`t live in the US.

    At the moment we are haviing issues with the EU. Ms. Malmström wants to ban firearms. Pistols, revolvers, highcap Mags, military style semi autos, etc.

    She is only listening to the IANSA, Oxfam and some other gungrabber group.
    She ignores the outcome of a EU servey, that didn`t match her way of thoughts, etc.
    But this of course is only to reduce the amount of violent gun crime in the EU and illegal firearm trafic.
    One could say, she is the Bloomberg and Feinstein in Europe...:D

    Yes, I would write something together, that the german gun lobby can, I would be gratefull, for some help on this.
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    Lots of useful and sourced info on this site...:cool:

    Scroll down to 'Gun Facts' 6.2
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    Thank`s guys. I`ll look into those links.