need help: trying to find more info on our thompson 45.

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    we have been trying to find out what year our thompson 45 is. i have searched the internet and looked for pictures on there and cannot find ANY that look the same.

    made by Volunteer Enterprises and has address on it but NO patent number or patent pending only other mark is 1247 just to the upper left of the Companies mark.

    If anyone can help that would be great! pics are attached. also they are posted on my albums page.

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    sorry partner, it's not a Thompson but a cheap copy of one made by a company called Volunteer Enterprises which became Commando Arms, the top reciever is stamped steel and the lower was made from aluminum and were machined. they were made between 1976 to around 1990. the original Thompson was made from all machined steel components and are fully auto, so they are very, very expensive. what are your plans for it?
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    like mentioned above, you don't have a Thompson.

    i think your's is an early Volunteer Enterprises commando modelled after the Eagle & Spitfire carbines made in the 60's. from my understanding, those companies all kinda melted together. when one company failed, they started up a new one under a different name & so on & so on. kinda like bryco, jennings, jimenez, etc. did over the years.

    my guess is your gun might be late 60's-early 70's. value? do a search on gunbroker for eagle carbine or volunteer & see what comes up
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    Thanks for all of your help in letting us know more about what we have. It's my husbands gun and he plans on keeping it even though its not a real one. He says he has lots of other cool looking guns that arent worth much either but they are just toys for him. :)
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    You guys can still have fun shooting it.
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    It uses "M3 grease gun mags" and bear a passing resemblance to an Ingram M-6 SMG - Gordon Ingram's design before he gave us the Ingram M-10 "MAC" SMG.

    Considering the cost of a replacement .45ACP carbine of any brand - you have a keeper there!
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    Looks like a Eagle Carbine 45

    Here's a 2008 ad for one, hope it helps.

    Eagle Open bolt .45 Carbine (built like a grease gun, looks like a thompson) $1800


    We've got a little something special for you guys today.... one of our out of state guys snapped up this little gem before anyone else figured out what it was.

    She's an open bolt semi automatic .45 cal carbine called an "Eagle"

    Back in the 1960's this was a poor man's plinker, and was manufactured alongside another (nearly identical) carbine called the "Spitfire" which you all might have heard about.... what with the BATFE reclassifying them all as machine guns and forcing them to be registered.... You see they had this little problem where in between the safe position of the safety and the fire position... there was this place where you could stick the selector and it would run full auto.... (the eagle variant used the dissconnector as the ejector so it didn't have the same issue with the fire control geometry)

    Well, the Eagle managed to slip under the radar somehow and is still considered to be a Title 1 firearm.... Its a crude, simple, and absolutely fantastic.

    This is as close as you can get to an open bolt greasegun in the state of CA... some owners have actually dropped standard greasegun bolts into these guns to aide in extraction under sustained rapid fire.

    These use regular grease gun magazines and are..... well... for lack of a better word just freaking awesome.

    We were able to get an amazingly low price on this thanks to our out of state purchaser jumping on it immediately... and instead of charging what its actually worth, we're going to pass the savings along to you guys....

    So this bad girl can be yours for the dirt cheap price of $1800 +tax If you pay via cash/check/or money order we will ship to your local FFL for free, or we will give you free dros here in our store in Fresno.

    She's currently being modified for CA compliance (she needs a mag lock and a 10 round mag) but will be en route to our store shortly.

    We may never get another chance to bring you one of these at this price in this condition.

    Someone is going to be VERY happy with this little girl.