MyGunDB Firearm Inventory Software - New version released!

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  1. Wolfrage

    Wolfrage Vendor

    A new version, 1.99.7 is out with a number of tweaks and new features:

    * Added Documentation tab - Lets you use Notes, Misc and History text fields and add any files you want linked to a firearm (reciepts, manuals, whatever)
    * Serial field highlighted properly
    * Clicking accessory on General tab opens Accessory tab properly
    * The Person field in Searches now also searches Owner and not just the Bought From and Sold To names
    * Removed rotating ad from Deals tab
    * Right clicking the Subtract ammo button on Ammo tab now will ADD ammo instead (and not modify round count for firearm)
    * You can now set to have the Identifier filed sorted Alphabetically (default) or Numerically, depending on how you wish to use it.
    * You can now set a different currency symbol other than $
    * Can select to use a ; instead of a , to separate multiple calibers for a firearm
    * You can now sort by Serial
    * Accessories now have a Location box to list where it's stored
    * You can now select to view only Personal firearms, Business firearms or both when doing reports.
    * Can now skip first line when importing .csv file, in case it's a Header line
    * You can now export a .csv file of your Ammo inventory
    * Accessory images copy over correctly when syncing from Mobile
    * You can now filter to show only firearms with a past due maintenance date
    * Fixed bug where free users could import more than 10 firearms in Free version
    * Maintenance tab grid now sorts by Date properly
    * Setting a date using Date Fields no longer deselects current firearm
  2. lbwar15

    lbwar15 New Member

    What do I have to do to up date?

  3. Wolfrage

    Wolfrage Vendor

    It should popup the Update notice when you run the program. Otherwise, if it's blocked by a firewall, you can just go to and download the latest version. It won't affect your database data, but I still always recommend backing up just in case.
  4. Wolfrage

    Wolfrage Vendor

    Mygundb release: IDPA tracking, range log, reloading components, more!

    Changes in v1.99.8:
    * Added tab for reloading components - will eventually become part of a separate Addon
    * Added Rangelog tab - will eventually become part of a separate Addon
    * Various tweaks
    * Copied Change FFL Image buttons to Transfer tabs as well
    * Added IDPA score tracking - will eventually become part of a separate Addon
    * Made selected row in data grids Green to be easier to to see
    * Shipping field now in Bought From section
    * Added ability to print Description field as Notes on Inventory report
  5. TruggieTex

    TruggieTex New Member

    Bought the app.

    Interesting product. A few questions...
    What version should I have?
    What is the current user count, and where can feedback best be viewed?
    I have some suggestions, but want to make sure I am current and that I don't double efforts.

  6. Wolfrage

    Wolfrage Vendor

    Do you mean Desktop or mobile version? The latest desktop version is 1.99.9 -- which had just recently come out. I'm working on the next, but am waiting on to fix something on their end since the next release has gunbroker auction posting integration.

    The current number of users is over 100,000 :D As for feedback, I'm a regular on a number of forums, so user feedback is spread out. I used to run a forum to keep support all in one place but it became a huge effort to maintain by myself when dealing with spam, etc.

    I'd love to hear your feedback, either here or in PM/Email. I do have an official forum on the CMP forums here and a lot of suggestions come in on facebook: