MyGunDB Firearm Inventory Software - New version released!

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    A new version of the MyGunDB firearm inventory system has been released!

    MyGunDB offers many features to help maintain your collection digitally, helping you organize your firearms, ammo, accessories and more!

    Whether you are an enthusiast, a C&R collector like myself or you are an FFL with a large inventory, MyGunDB will help keep your information safe and secure, and, just as important, organized.

    For more information or to install your free copy of MyGunDB, please visit

    Changelog for v1.97:

    * Maint tab can use decimals in price
    * Additional GunBroker backend integration added — not available till next release or so
    * Add-on framework implemented to help make future addons easy to integrate. Wait till you see what’s coming
    * Fixed window size of Macs so it restores properly to the previous size when starting program.
    * Button added to Settings to enter registration information as per user feedback
    * Basic framework for integrating with ammo search engines implemented on backend; Not available yet but testing background process
    * Registration system changed internally to work with an automatic key generator I’m working on.
    * Symbol on General tab’s ammo display corrected to show for Reloaded ammo and not factory
    * Altered minimum window size to better fit certain desktops
    * Delete button on Maint tab no longer returns error if an entry is not selected first.
    * “Encrpyt Database” button renamed to “Set Database Password”, since the DB is always encrypted
    * Pre-Ban checkbox added on Stats tab
    * Capacity field added to accessories
    * Magazine checkbox added to accessories
    * Users can optionally select to send me anonymous debug analytics about the program
    * A header now displays Totals like the printout does on the Finance Report preview
    * Fixed issue with search dropdowns not closing if you delete the selected text
    * Insured value displays properly when no value set
    * Serial now displays properly as a field when importing .csv files

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  2. 2ndAmendmentFreedom

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    Are you the developer behind this?

  3. Wolfrage

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    Yes, I am. I started writing MyGunDB originally because I got my C&R and being a computer geek I didn't like the idea of a handwritten bound book (especially because my handwriting sucks) but there was no software out there that met my needs. It was only later that I realized others wanted to use it and it's just grown from there.