Mossberg Trophy Hunter Combo or Remington 770 Combo?

Discussion in 'Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion' started by mustang08, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. mustang08

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    Dicks Sporting Goods is having a Black Friday sale and two of the guns im trying to decide between buying is the Mossberg Trophy Hunter Combo and the Remington 770 combo since they seem to have great deals on each. Their asking $299 for the Mossberg and $250 for the Remington. Havent seen many reviews on the Mossberg and people have said the Remington is junk but then others say its not. So just looking to get everyones opinions on both guns. I know everyone says the Savage is better but not looking at any of those its just between these two guns. I do like how the Mossberg has wood stock but I know its the fake wood but still like the look over the Remingtons black composite stock. But I do like how the Remington the scope comes somewhat scoped in from factory and that its a good shooting rifle just the bolt action is a little iffy. Havent heard any reviews on how the Mossberg shoots so maybe some people here can help out. Thanks
  2. Sniper03

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    Very simply!

    Remington 770 = NO!
    Mossberg Trophy Hunter of the two = YES! :)

    A lot of people are not aware but Mossberg makes rifle barrels for several manufacturers on the QT! Good barrels and shoot well!

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  3. GTX63

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    Reading your post, it seems as if your primary interest is in getting the most for your buck over actual value. You would be fortunate to get half of what you paid for the 770 24 hours after purchase. If you are determined to choose between the two, my choice would be the Mossberg, based on the lesser of two's shortcomings. Both are basically an entry level rifle, but the issues have been so thoroughly discussed with the Remington, it would have to be the Mossberg. Have to say though, $300 can get you so much better.
  4. John_Deer

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    I would look into the scope before buying either rifle. You can find nice pentax scopes for $69. Leopold has some very attractive scopes for around $160. I would look at the savage 110 with a nikon scope for around $500.

    You can cry once for buying a nice rifle/scope combo or you can cry every time you pick up the gun for buying something less than adequate.
  5. mustang08

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    So stoped at Dicks today to see the guns they had for the Black Friday sale and see how they feel before the sale started. Tried a 770 and it felt nice but played with the bolt action and I could see where all the complaints came from with it since it was very junkie feeling. They didnt have the mossberg there even thought they have it in the add so dont know if they will get one soon. But while I was there looked at the Remington 700 and liked how it felt and the bolt action felt better so ended up getting that one. Might be a little bit more money but they had a great door buster sale on it and for 400 bucks cant beat the better quality for that price.
  6. chloeshooter

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    Neither. If you are going to spend good money on a rifle do sone research. Those rifles are dogs.....and I'm no rifle snob. For $120 you could get a milsurp Mosin Nagant that would shoot better
  7. dwmiller

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    You wont regret a 700. Its soooo much more gun than the 770! Fine mid to long range package depending on the caliber plus lots of upgrade and aftermarket support. Put a good scope on, maybe a trigger job and you have a rifle that will be a treasure to be handed down. ;)

    TIP: Take a look at 30 or 35mm scopes. Usually much better than the 1" tubes. Also try to find steel rings and mount, they are much more stable than Aluminum. Leopold makes a fine twist in system for the 700. Not much more cost than a cheap set, but holds zero through anything you'll ever use the rifle for.;)
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    Remington 770 is a throw away rifle. The barrel is pressed into the receiver so wouldn't be possible to change out if it gets burnt up or bent dropped etc. Not to mention when it heats up your more likely to have some drift.