Mosin and AKM 100 yards

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by unclebear, Jun 24, 2013.

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    I shot this yesterday but I just figured out how to take pics and get them off my phone. I shot both from 100 yards with iron sights and without my glasses I forgot them at home. But not bad for me from the sitting position without my eyes. I'm plannin on changing my rear sight on my AK to a peep style and having it moved back more and I'm going to put a scope on my Mosin for deer season but I'm gonna make another range trip and shoot again with factory irons from a bench and with glasses. I guess this is a good idea on general wood walk accuracy for me without glasses.

    Top 91/30 mosin nagant w./ bayonet (Tula 148gr FMJ)
    Bottom AKM with factory everything. (Tula 122gr FMJ)

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    I'd stick with the mosin if you can shoot the bad guy in the jimmy :D

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    My thoughts on that was that he only had one well executed shot. :)

    That rifle needs to be named "Mosin the Emasculator"