Looking at my first can :)

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    I'm looking at two different cans . Mainly for a .22 right now one is the sparrow from the tests I've seen it's one of the best out there and the smallest. The other is the octane 9 hd it says it can work on a .22 and I've seen a couple videos but not too sure...:-/ I would like to use the octane on a s&w 3913 but can't find any threaded barrels so I'll get a sig or something later..

    Other question; is I'm in the military to get a suppressor do I just give them a copy of my orders, or do I have to become a resident? I'm from FL and I'm stationed in GA.
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    Sealed cans should never be used on a rimfire weapon. I can't remember if the octane can be disassembled.

    I'm waiting for my stamp on an AAC Eco-9. It is inexpensive at $450 MSRP but very effective and light. It is longer than some 9mm cans as it uses older baffles so an extra one was added to improve performance. They are no longer made but plenty are still out there. The class 3 dealer near me still has them.

    I just asked the same question about .22 cans. My dealer has TC, Sparrow SS, SWR Spectre II and warlock II, and AAC Element and prodigy. I did not listen to any of them but got to hold them all. TC are sealed. The AAC cans were much more expensive than the rest. I wanted stainless for easier cleaning and durability. That left the Sparrow SS and the Spectre II. Both had the same 41db reduction. The Sparrow was more expensive by about $90 but is an inch shorter and lighter. The dealer gave me another $25 on the pistol I was trading in if I wanted the Sparrow so that sealed the deal. There was a very noticeable difference in size and weight with such small cans. Now my 7-8 month wait begins! I'm almost 7 months out since my check was cashed for the Eco-9.

    Oh, Silencerco and SWR are the same company and they have fantastic customer support.

    I can't answer your residency dilemma. The ATF is picky about crossing state lines with NFA items.

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    Personally i wouldnt purchase nfa items while in the military simply because there are a few places you cant moveto with them. If you get sent overseas you cant take it with you and you cant just leave it with a buddy or relative. I would wait until your out of the service when you have some control over where you live

    Your military service gives no special end around with nfa items.
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    I am looking at the Sparrow.

    The sparrow is easy to take apart so its easy to clean. Its a little more pricey than some but not by that much. The gun shop in Lawernceville, GA has them for $450. Have a Ruger 22/45 that I'm going to screw it on. Clyde Armory in Athens has a barrel for the Ruger 10-22 that you can screw the sparrow on too. I think I need one of those too.