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    I don't own one. But I have a Lee challenger and classic cast turret press. Both of which work great. Have seen several videos on youtube demonstrating the proper procedure for setup and operation. Lots of good info on the web and good reviews for this press overall. One individual on U tube is sanfrancisco liberal with a gun. He does a great review of the pro 1000. Like all things mechanical it has its quirks. Work the problems and this press will crank out copious amounts of loaded ammo. May get one myself. For the money it can't be all bad.
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    If you want a Progressive press,do yourself a big favor,and buy a Hornady or Dillon. They work!

    I love Lee turret presses,and have 2 of them. Several years ago,I purchased one of their progressive's and it was a total piece of junk.I boxed it back up,and returned the day after I got it with several broken pieces of plastic.

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    I have a Pro 1000. My wife gave it to me for Christmas the year before last. I use it a lot. But, you better be good at tinkering with stuff. It does give me trouble on a regular basis. I feel like for $150 I will play with it. It gets out of time quite often. Also the dog tag type chain that pulls the powder measure back breaks real easy. I replaced mine with parachute cord. I just put the spring one the end of the cord. Problem totaly solved. But all kinds of other issues. But still for the money, I like having it. Just dont think you are getting a Dillon quality press. Because you are definately not.
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    I am a tight wad, I know it and fully admit it.

    I have watched others run all sorts of very nice progressive presses. When I finally broke over and decided it was time to get one, I studied them ALL.

    If I were shooting weekly matches and burning a couple of thousand round a week, I would go with the 'Blue', very nice, smooth, trouble free and expensive (well it it for this tight wad).

    As I said, I looked them all over finding little things here and there that I liked or disliked. I must say that the market has weeded out the junk.

    I finalized on the Lee Pro 1000. Bought it as a 'set-up' in .223 and added what is needed for .40S&W and .45ACP.

    Here is what I have found:

    The chain pull is a pain in the.... I have it set on my .223 head. I use an older Lee push-up to charge measure for both .40 and .45 charging.

    The change over from one caliber to another is a bite. I understand why big spenders just buy a different press set-up for each cartridge loaded.

    The 'up' stroke and 'down' stroke is not a fluid up and down action, it must be a deliberate full action with a pause at each end before continuing. Proper full seating of primers and bullets depend upon this.

    Rapid stroking will throw a little powder (assuming the case is filled close to the top like my .45s) as the bottom plate spins to the next position.

    Proper and repeated lubrication of the press goes a long way to keep everything running well.

    The above is not condemning the Pro 1000, it is things that I have found while using mine. To the contrary, I like the Pro 1000 and should have bought one sooner.

    I don't have the others, so I can't comment upon them. I suspect that each of them will have little oddities that require a little extra attention but will make great loads. It comes down to personal needs and what we are willing to pay for. It would be nice if I have a 'Blue 650' to run. But I meet my needs very well with the Lee.
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    I am a huge fan of Lee Products. They are high quality, have a good warranty, their Customer Service Reps always answer the phone and they are priced great. I have a regular 4 hole Turrett Press and a Lee Loadmatser Progressive Press. I did a lot of research between the Loadmaster and the Pro 100 and even called Lee where one of the Lee's himself spend 45 minutes on the phone with me. After talking to him and doing more research I discovered the Loadmaster having the 5 hole Turret is better if you want to load rifle ammo and also if you plan on using The Factory Crimp Die on handgun ammo. Also for mass production the Loadmaster is a little faster when cranking out range plinking ammo.
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    I'm a large fan of Lee's dies, especially the Factory Crimp Die. I have one in most every caliber I reload for. I like the ruggedness of the Lee Classic Cast Press as well. I started out reloading with their "Lee Loaders" over 40 years ago.

    With that said their progressive models are not very well made. That is not saying they don't work. They are just not as well constructed as the same type from Dillon, RCBS, or Hornady. While one could argue they are cheaper, they would be correct, but they leave a lot to be desired as far as quality. I've been reloading on the same Dillon Progressive since 1985. The same RCBS since 1973. I can't even begin to count the tens of thousands of rounds I've produced on both of those presses. I doubt one would get that kind of longevity out of one of the Lee Progressives. If you start reloading, odds are you'll be in it for the long haul. It pays to invest in a good, quality press that will be around years later when you will need it.
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    I had 2 that broke the bases after extended 223 loading, I think they will be great for pistol cartridges. I may get another but leaning towards the Hornady.