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    Can someone please explain to me how gun transfer regulations work? Like the parent to child gun transfer. Because if you aren't supposed to buy your kids guns such as a new hunting gun, then why do companies make youth guns? I live in Indiana and I know that gun ownership regulations differ with each state or county.
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    It is perfectly legal in the State of Indiana for a Father or family member to give the son, daughter, brother, sister or wife a weapon. Except under the new Statute passed in 2012. In order to transfer a handgun or any rifle considered by the State of Indiana to be an Assault Rifle. The family member must be at least 18 years of age in those cases. You can find this information if you type in Indiana Gun Laws~ on the Indiana State Web-Site.


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    dunno where your getting that from. I know nothing of this whatsoever.
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    Me either. As far as Indiana law goes, the only restrictions I know of deal with felons, the requirement for a LTCH in order to carry a handgun, certain restrictions on where you can carry/possess a firearm (schools, airports, etc.), and a Class III requirement regarding having gotten your BATF tax stamp. Otherwise, you are pretty much good to go. Also, there are various local prohibitions against discharging a firearm within certain boundaries (City Limits) and there are hunting restrictions as to caliber.