h&r 8 lb 20 gauge slug gun

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    I am currently saving up for a 870 12 gauge to replace my little 20 gauge 870 youth. After I get the 870 I'm going to save up for the $279.99 h&r 8lb 20 gauge slug gun just for deer. I like shooting slugs and I don't/wouldn't mind the recoil from a 20 gauge because I can handle up to 40 pounds of recoil if I shoot it standing up. I ran a couple of the newer 20 gauge sabot slugs through an online recoil calculator with the gun weight at 8 pounds. It said 15-20 ft - pounds of recoil out of the 20 gauge mentioned above. That is half of what a 7.5 pound 12 gauge would have. I would like recommendations on slugs for the 20. Thanks!