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    I had a chance to actually go into the store in SanDiego. These guys have won my business for life. They were friendly and informative about Glocks and parts. They even saved me from buying the wrong stuff and give their honest opinions about their products. I almost ordered on their online store, but decided to make the 45 min drive and see what they have. They also have a nice indoor tactical range. It's not a traditional lane range. They teach classes on different tactics. They have everything in the store you see online. They are the only people in SoCal that know Glocks.

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    Glad you had a good experience, I have heard some negative reviews, nice to see a positive one

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    The OP knew exactly what he wanted for his Glock. I am sure a lot of people walk into the Glock store expecting the salesman to wave a magic wand that will know exactly what they want.