Getting a class 3 with a Trust here in FL..

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  1. DropZone889

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    When you have a Trust setup for your class 3 does that in any way speed up the time to take possession of your gear? I have heard it does but I wanna hear it from more people that actually have been through the process, and does it take a long time the first time you add an item and then the next time is it much faster??
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    Plan on 8 to 9 months each right now. It could go to over a year because of the new proposed regulations on trusts.

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    If you live in the Orlando area talk to tactical weapons solutions in Apopka. They will set one up for you, and can give you all the information you need pertaining to it.

    Edit: even if you're not in the Orlando area I'm sure they would be happy to help you along
  4. ZeusEcho

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    Subsequent applications are no faster than your first. Simply depends on when the gubment feels like getting to it.

    I doubt the trust is any faster. Without the trust it may take you more time up front to get LEO signoff though.

    My experience has been 7+ months with a Trust.
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    Going the Trust route only saves you time by not having to get photos/fingerprints/CLEO signature done before you mail off the packet to the ATF. Once the ATF receives it, doesn't matter if the application was done as an individual or Trust, it's the same wait time....which is currently 9+ months.

    And unfortunately things don't get any faster on subsequent applications. Each and every submission is pretty much treated like a new one in terms of wait times. Time is the real deterrent in owning NFA toys. But it's so totally worth it in the end. It feels like you completed a degree in Patience :cool:
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    These guys are right , it saves you about 40 minutes , with CLEO signatures , fingerprints and photos . It does not hurry it along any quicker than that . You will still wait the 6-9 months depending on who is doing your paperwork in your region . I wouldnt expect to receive it any soon than 7 months after they cash your check .

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    New (Be) - question could you submit a Builders Lic. along with a application for a Trust or are they totally different licenses with separate waiting times. I know very little about 04 trough 07 Lic's.