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Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by danyerperez, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. danyerperez

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    Thinking of getting the ruger lcp? I need some opinions.
  2. NC1760

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    Nice gun. Would be a great choice for a first time buyer and you can never go wrong with a Ruger. American made, decent price, good quality and GREAT customer service. BUT (and there is a but on the end of everything) the LCP is a 380 caliber. Some do not feel that is...let's say... adequate enough for personal defense. For a few more $$ you could probably find a LC9... relatively the same size, same capacity... but shoots the more powerful 9mm Luger round with little increase in recoil (after you get used to it... it's nothing).

    See if you can either call someone who has either or both... OR find a local range and rent both. See which one you prefer then. Any other opinions here...??? Anyone... anyone... Bueller??

  3. KeysKelly

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    This is a question you will get 1,000 different opinions from 1,000 people and all of them, myself included, will be right while all of them, myself included, will be wrong. That being said, here is my opinion as an owner of a LCP.

    It is a great little carry gun and very easy to conceal but you couldn't pick a worse gun as a first handgun. It is tiny and can fit in your pants pocket making it a great carry gun but that same small size makes if difficult to shoot accurately. That will discourage a new shooter. The small size will also make it sting your hand shooting which will make you not want to shoot often. A new shooter needs practice, practice and practice more. The .380 ammo is more expensive which also isn't good to a new shooter who wants to practice as often as possible. Also (me assuming here) if it is your first gun I am going to assume you don't have a lot of gun experience. I have always been a firm believer that a gun being carried by an inexperienced shooter is a very dangerous gun. Someone just buying their very first gun probably shouldn't be conceal carrying.

    Keep in mind this is just my opinion as someone who owns a LCP as well as a dozen or so other guns. I am not the "Gun Goddess" by any means. Don't get me wrong, I love my LCP. It is a great little carry gun but not a good starter gun. If you are like most people your first gun will not be your only gun. Buy something more user friendly and learn. Build some confidence and skill then look at carry guns. The LCP is a high quality carry weapon but a very "Niche Gun" not an all around learning gun.
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    Well you can't beat the price for this high quality pistol you sure can't go wrong with Ruger but for a .380 pistol I would recommend a very accurate pistol in .380 and priced about the same LCP it is not American it from Argentine, I have had excellent service from one of their authorized dealer/ Smith in Colorado go check out a Bersa Thunder .380
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    Welcome to the FTF.
    Would you stop by the "introductions" area and say "Hi"?

    Coming out and asking opinions without giving some background on yourself could be the same as...
    "I'm looking at getting a Harley Davidson Soft-tail, what is your opinion?" and you don't even know if I can ride or have a license.
    (No slam intended, but to demonstrate how lack of info can affect opinions.)
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    I carry one quite often. I agree with an earlier post in that, it is not a good choice for a first gun. You need to practice a lot and get good. Even after you practice with a bigger, more stable weapon, you will need to put several hundred rounds through your LCP in order to shoot accurately on a consistent basis. Then, If you are going to carry it often, you must continue to practice with it often. It is a short range weapon. The caliber is quite effective 10 yards and in. My carry mantra is Glock 19 for the hood and LCP for the opera. Good luck. Practice gun safety. And practice often.