DIY Wet Brass Tumbler

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    Here is what i have so far. I want to add a couple things and make it look nicer but it works.

    The 9mm brass is my first load with it.
    4lbs of brass
    5lbs of media
    Full the tube of water
    1 Tablespoon Dish soap
    1/2 teaspoon of lemishine

    2 Hours of Tumbling

    The bottom photos is the before shot of the batch that is going right now.

    Most of the materials i used i picked because they were in the garage already. But here is a list of what i spent.

    Drum ( I didnt have any pvc laying around)

    4 inch pvc base -free
    4 inch x 3 inch coupling 6.55
    4 inch cap 7.71
    3 inch rubber cap 4.21

    Total 18.47


    Pulleys 22.48
    Rods 11.58
    Hose 4.27
    Bearings 35.88

    Total 74.21

    SS Media 34.99

    Grand Total 127.67

    Im pretty happy with how it turned out. The bearings are the most expensive part but they should last a really long time. The media never wears out and i have room to expand if i feel i need a bigger / second drum.

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    Very nice. I can understand a project that needs doing...

    My old tumbler was built from an old film reader projector. The bearing surfaces for the support rods were just holes drilled through the wood endplates.
    Low RPM's seemed to be no problems with wear.

    My can was a old style steel coffee can with small wood paddles similar to your shown in the internal photo.

    One of my many mottos is: "save money, no matter what the cost!"
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    What kind of media did you use?
    It sure got them clean, I can't get that kind of cleaning out of mine.