Discrepencies in load data on 40 S&W

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Vee_Kay, May 4, 2013.

  1. Vee_Kay

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    I have a Speer manual that puts a 165gr hp 40 S&W max load at 6.3 grains of W231. There is a footnote that gives a police lite load of 5.8 grains. However, my Lyman, Lee and online sources have a max load of 5.4 grains of W231 for a 165gr.Hollow point.

    Does anyone load 40S&W with HP38 or Win 231??? What are your loads?
  2. mseric

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    Your Lee manual will almost always have the same data as the powder manufacturer's on-line data as that is where they borrow it from.

    I don't use 231/HP38 in my 40, sorry.
    Speer 5.8-6.3gr
    Hodgdon-Berry plated-4.7-5.4gr
    Hodgdon-Sierra JHP-4.8-5.3
    Lyman 48-5.2-5.8gr
    Sierra #5-4.6-5.7gr.

    All very consistent except the Speer data. When I encounter data like this I usually toss the odd one out.

  3. locutus

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    There is always a difference between manuals. that's why you work up loads.
    231 is not the best choice for maximum loads.

    If you want full power, try HS-6, Herco, AAC#7, or Power Pistol.
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    My favorite powder is Blue Dot, I'm a 10mm and .357sig guy, but in this day and age of shortages, I was trying to keep that in reserve a little more. I usually throw out the odd one, but thought I might try and see if there was someone else on the blog that used W231 or its other name Hodgdon HP38... and what their load data work ups are....

    Great advice so far, just hoping for 40S&W reloaders with those powders.