Closest thing to a scope "bargain"

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    In the Dec. Natchez catalog at the top of page 9 there are two Bushnell Trophies, a 1x4 and a 1.5x6 with a 4A reticle and a lit MOA dot. I have one of each and they do really work. The adjustments aren't as correct as metal and I had to cut a small spacer to keep the battery secure for the lit dot but they have worked for a while now. one is on a 20 ga. that often rides on the 4 wheeler and it stays set, the other is on an HK 91 clone, doesn't get packed around much but it also has held up. They are 30 mm tubes and the eyepiece is bulky but it does have fast focus. If you want lower power and a lit reticle for low light these are worth a look.