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    I live in New Jersey - - I would like to know how too push the ccw law through so I can carrie in my state legally. I have to hide until I cross the borders then I have a non-resident permit to carrie from another state, I know that I do not stand alone on this subject but what can be done and how does one go about it to get these changes made ?
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    A good start would be to check with the legislative action branch of the NRA, and see what the report card is on folks that are going to be running for State office- House, Senate, Governor. Find folks that are gun friendly, and go work for their election. Donate to their campaign. Stuff envelopes for mailings. Put up signs. Work the phones for them. Visit sporting goods stores to put out campaign lit, help get folks registered to vote.

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    c3shooter is 100% correct.

    You could also try get your fellow New Jersey residents to stop putting crooks in office.

    That's what I like about Jersey - that's a state that makes West Virginia look good.:p
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    +2......good advice!