Best car deal?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by boatme98, Oct 13, 2013.

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    Alright, since we're dogging on cars, what was your best deal? Buying, selling or trading?

    You already know about my Bel Aire wagon with the mysterious 289. :D
    But I ve had a couple of others.

    My 1965 Plymouth Satellite convertible. Bought just restored for $2500. Had it about seven years, two trips west and back east, and sold it for $2800.
    It's now worth about 28k, if you can find one.

    1985 Pontiac Grand Am. Now I would never have walked on a lot and said "I'll take that!" but I was a poor mate paying child support and a woman in the marina offered it to me for $300 so I could replace my BMW.
    I had it for 3 yrs. and sold it for $1200. when I bought my 97 F 150. Paid for 4 tires and the ARE tonneau.

    But my best had to be the fore mentioned BMW. An 85 318I with 300k on it. It was passed to me by the second owner (I knew both owners) for $1.00
    Yep, One Yankee Dollar. The body was good, not a dent on it, the back seat was pristine, the drivers seat-not so much. It was just the wire frame covered with beach towels and a seat cover.
    The dash gauge cluster had been removed so many times there were no longer any clips holding it in. Just kind of sat there. The only gauges that worked were the fuel and tach.
    I drove it for 2 years, 25k miles and I got the Grand Am.
    To get rid of it,I sat in a local bar in Annapolis with the title trying to give it away. No takers. Finally at the end of the evening someone said they'd give me a beer for it. Sold! The beer was $1.65.
    But besides the .65 profit, when I got it I cleaned $26. In change out of it. So I made almost $27 off of it.
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    $1600 for a 9 year old at the time 240,000 mile camry drove it until it had 380,000 miles gave it to my brother in law and he gave it to his brother. Last I heard the car had over 450,000 miles no major problems.

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    I believe in buying high and selling cheap when I deal in cars!!!!!!!!:D
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    Back when I was in law school, about 1984 or so, my best law school buddy and his wife, who had a good job, bought a house. At their old place they had a 1970-something Datsum B210 that had been setting dead in their yard for three years. I traded my buddy $50 worth of herbal refreshment for the car, took over a new battery and a can of starter fluid, and that sucker ran just fine for the next six years.