Before Guns...

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by BeyondTheBox, May 6, 2013.

  1. BeyondTheBox

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    Before guns were a part of my life,

    ... When I saw a 9 with two 1s after it my first thought was toward the finest in German engineering. Now my gut reaction is to place another 1 in front of it and get all giddy and warm inside.

    ... The only metal in my pockets were my keys. Now I carry keys, a gun, a knife, and a stupid tactical pen!
  2. dango

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    With all due respect , you know that before guns , the world we live in. Was the (GAREN OF EDEN).! No crime , rape , domestic violence , just one big ole paradise ..!

    The evilness these guns have opened the door to , well.....was just some evil (Talisman) of sots , yeap , for I have fallen prey to such evils..! Eeeek..!

    When it only takes 30+ minutes for the hero to arrive and save the day , and some two minute to kill my family and my self , what's the problem..? I will die with a smile upon my face and assure my loved one's , sometimes you get the elevator , some times you get the shaft...! No guns though , and maybe , just maybe , I suffer only some 30 minutes or so ...!

    To cut down on the paper work , may I suggest not to bother the police at all , just call the morgue and have a warm and peachy day...! ;)

    PS: BRANG lots of chaulk...!

  3. trip286

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    I don't think there was a "before guns" time in my life... They were always around.
  4. BeyondTheBox

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    No respect due man, you're cool. Just loosen the tie a bit, I think it's cutting off oxygen to your brain man...

    Anyway, back on topic ---->

    Before guns, I could walk out of the house without a belt on and not have to worry about the paperweight in my pocket pantsing me at some point.
  5. yazul42

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    I grew up in a house where guns were simply tools,, they were not in safes, but in a cabinet my father built in the cornder of an alcove. Nothing was locked and they were never touched when stored, when we had permission to go shoot, we did. My brothers and I collected pop bottles, worked for the old cotton farmer down the road, and a few cattle farms, to buy .22 ammo.
    We always carried a pocket knife, in school, church, where ever we went. Our P.E. teacher would have us go cut her a switch if we misbehaved and would use it on our butts,, and never ring it with your knife so it would fly into pieces on the first whack,, then she would borrow your knife and cut a good one. There never was a before guns, I have shot since I was 4 or 5 years old, could go small game hunting by myself when I was 12, we'd ride our bikes into town, with our .22's or a shotgun, and go meet a buddy to head out to the woods, no one thought anything was wrong or worried. they knew we were taught how to use them safely and we never shot road signs etc.,, the price of that was not being able to hunt or shoot,, the worst. We were taught respect and not fear of guns,, they were tools, a device, no better or worse than the person behind it and you can never call a shot back.