ak74 rifle vs krinkov

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    i have the option of getting a rifle or a krinkov for shtf. this isnt my first ak so i know the operation. i am stuck at what to buy, because i like the fact of the longer range of the rifle but the compactness of the krinkov. what would yall take to defend yalls family
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    Yanno, if you got your family involved in

    shooting sports, they could help defend you.

    If you have an AK already, why not a pistol in a lower caliber.

    Much easier to use inside a building, like a 9mm?

    The shorter barrel of a K is going to give you muzzle blast/flip

    to make it harder to get back on target, as well as

    over-penetration, in a home setting.
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  3. KalashnikovBlood

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    If you are going for a compact rifle that meant for relatively close to medium range combat go with the Krinkov. If you're going for a more medium mid- long range go with the 74; is that what you're getting at? If I can recommend a handgun for home defense I'd go with a .45 with hollow points. Hope this helped.

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  4. locutus

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    I'd get the rifle.