Against the grain !

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by dango, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. dango

    dango Active Member

    I'm not one to post pictures and haven't since 08.! I'm gonna do this against my better judgement though!
    The saying goes " one picture is worth a thousand words" .!
    Well , if you've read my threads you probably have some expectation and I will try to capture all I can in "ONE" picture.!

    This is gonna take some thought cause I have said much! ALL I CAN IN ONE PIC..!
    Give me two days to think and put it all together , but assure you , this will be true to my nature and me , no BS.! THE REAL DEAL.....! :) Dango at the purest form.......! I will dig this thread up and post it as though it will then make some sense.
  2. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    You have piqued my interest.

  3. kytowboater

    kytowboater New Member

    I'm paying attention.
  4. NotMormon

    NotMormon New Member

    How are you going to get a circus, pharmacy, bellvue, and Mt. Everest all in the same pic???:p
  5. dango

    dango Active Member

    There in lies thee trick.! All the things I have stated in some 100s of threads and replies , Hmmmmm..? Two days and I will incorporate as much as is possible
    in ONE , 1 , UNO, Singular , UN-plural , etc..picture.........!

    Also , consider this.! It will not be nostalgia , but the me , the now , all of what remains and that's more than enough...! :p Back at you.!

    PS: I do kinda miss the pharmacy at Bellvue...!:( :D
  6. dango

    dango Active Member

    Got wrap things up. I have much to think about and to gather up for my"Show-n-Tell" pic. + gotta clean the guns I shot today.

    Some things are gonna be hard to capture the little items ,(My gadgets) , but will give it my damnedest..! Kool..! ;)
  7. sdiver35

    sdiver35 New Member

    This is going to be good...I hope!
  8. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Oh, dear.

  9. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    Actually, I'm getting a little scared........
  10. Fathead00

    Fathead00 New Member

    Should he own guns???;);)
  11. DrumJunkie

    DrumJunkie New Member

    Do any of us really own guns or is it the other way around. Making us clean up after them and causing us to buy more and more of them:eek: Addiction can be ugly but I just can't say that in this case...But that may be the addiction talking.
  12. dango

    dango Active Member

    I can only hope we gain some clarity if nothing else , but remember, I like all others am only human..! :) Nothing special , just born 200-MPH. and bore quite easily.

    PS: Good ? Bad ? It just is ..! :) This is "What's left" after 60 years and other than losing 38 lbs. in muscle mass because of major surgeries , this is me ! ;)
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  13. dango

    dango Active Member

    This has turned out tougher than I thought it would be. I could have posted pictures of years gone by , but I'm trying to keep it to the here-n-and the now.

    It is now way boring but to keep it to one picture is tough.Pic. coming today or tomorrow ! :)
  14. dango

    dango Active Member

    You know what they say about certain things and inadequacies , the more of a certain inadequacy , the more of what ever is needed.!

    I'm feeling real adequate right about now ! :D :p With the help of my lovely wife , we,ve take five pics. and now trying to pick only one of them is tough.! :D
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  15. dango

    dango Active Member

    Well , me and the wife just can't seen to agree on what picture.! She claims the one I feel the most fitting makes me look to hard , but it is the one I like most.!

    We've negotiated once again and the only way I get my picture is if I wear her bra with all the other adornments.! So be it !

    I will wear her bra , the effeminate side of the beast..! :D

    I still have one choice to make and i'll let you be the judge , (WHITE or BLACK) , bra that is ? :confused:
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  16. DFlynt

    DFlynt New Member

    Dango I do have to admit you make me laugh on occasion! :D
  17. tri70

    tri70 New Member

    Will this be like the Obama shotgun photo?
  18. dango

    dango Active Member

    Shall I include my "Birth Certificate"..?....:confused:
  19. tri70

    tri70 New Member

    No birth certificate needed, just include a pic of your Nobel Peace prize!:D
  20. eatmydust

    eatmydust New Member

    Dango - never refer to your gadget as a "little item"!