6.5x55 brass question

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    Has anyone ever made 6.5x55 brass from .30-06 brass? I am in the process of having built a 6.5x55 on a 1909 Argentine M98 Mauser action. I have about 500 rounds of once fired .30-06 brass and no 6.5x55 brass. Redding makes a 6.5x55 form and trim die that takes the 06 brass to 6.5x55 in one pass. You then shorten the brass and then size in 6.5x55 FL die. The problem is that the 6.5x55 case is slightly larger at the head than the 30-06 brass. In researching this on line, opinions are about 50/50 as to whether this is a safe process or not. The boys say that the 06 brass will bulge slightly at the case head. Some say that you can load the brass 2 or 3 times and not experience any signs of case head separation, then discard it just to be safe. Others say don't try it at all. I do know it was once a common practice when 6.5x55 brass or ammo was not available in this country. Anyway, please share your experiences if you have done this conversion and what were the results.
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    I load for a couple 6.5 Swedes and IME all the US manufactured ammo/brass uses the .473 in case head. All my foreign brass, Lapua and Norma are of the correct .480 case head.

    That said, I don't think converting 30-06 brass with .473 case head will be an issue.

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    I make 8 X 57 out of .270 cases. One of the keys to this kind of case forming is to aneal the brass before working it. Anealing the necks will make the process easier and result in fewer cracked cases. I can neck .243 up to .308 and any 270/280/30-06 family of cases to 8mm w/o problems. Failing to aneal will cause premature cracks in the neck. Depending on how you work the brass, you may get more than 2-3 loadings. The case separation is partially caused by stretching. You can minimize that by lubibng the inside of the case neck prior to sizing. I use resizing lube, but you can use mica if you choose.
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    6.5x55 brass should be .480", but 6.5 brass sold by remington mikes .473"...i guess it ain't to much of a problem!