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  1. D.C.

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    Hello all, Might I get some input from Ya'll?
    I'm enjoying the reading material I've found while working half way around the world and I'm leaning towards a bolt action 300 blackout (no can) on my next R&R home.
    1. How much louder is it compared to 9mm carbine or so?
    2. Since I'm not getting a can. What weight bullets are preferred for accuracy and economy? I will be reloading some. (a hobby I dont get much time for lately). Thanks, and thanks for a great forum.
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    May I ask why you want a caliber that is designed (1) for an AR15 in a bolt action? (2) for mainly subsonic short distance shooting with a suppressor,but you don't use one?
    Without using a suppressor,it will still be quite loud even if shooting subsonic ammo. It's main effective range with supersonic ammo is a short 200 yards,so there are plenty of standard type calibers that will out perform the 6.8SPC or 300 Blackout when using a bolt action rifle.

    What are your plans for the weapon?
    What type of range (distance) are you wanting to shoot?

    Larger calibers that are designed to be shot from an AR15 platform other than the standard 223,are easily out performed with standard calibers shot out of a bolt action. You will also have cheaper/easier to find ammo,and be able to sell the rifle faster than having an odd ball caliber in a rifle.

  3. D.C.

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    I have 60 yard range in my back yard. (for when I'm home) Would be using it for informal target and toying with reload combinations. Hunting deer always an option. Years ago I had a 7mm tcu pistol and liked reloading it and I'd taken a few deer with it, when I read of the 300blk I thought it would be worth a look.
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    There are better rounds out there..................
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    For what you are looking for I would recommend Hornady 110 and 130 grain loads. these would be great for non suppressed target shooting and/or hunting. I cannot compare to a 9mm carbine, but I can say the 300 is quieter than my .223 AR platform. I personally think the 300 is a round you will enjoy. I load all of my own rounds for mine. I have seen a few bolt guns in the 300 AAC,s o you should not have any trouble getting your hands on one. Every round has its naysayers, so I say do your research and if it is a round you want to get into shooting then jump right in. I have no regrets!
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  6. msup752

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    I am fully invested in 300 Blk.

    If you do not intend to suppress it, then there are many other better and more accurate caliber choices in a bolt gun

    I get the best accuracy out of 125 Gr Sierra 300 Blk loads using Lil Gun.

    The muzzle blast is certainly much less on a 300 Blk over 223.
  7. JonM

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    same noise level as an ak47.

    if your not going to run a suppressor get a 308 or 30-06

    the 300blk uses .308 bullets same as a 30-06 or 308 with a much shorter case and much less power much less capability as well. the 300blk or aac is a specialty round designed primarily to run suppressed and simulate the ak47 round which is a lot les usefula than popular myth would have you believe.

    unless your going to run suppressed or run a SBR AR15 with a supershort barrel there is no purpose to using a 300aac/blk

    now if your worried about power levels you can download the 308win to the exact same levels as a 300aac/blk while still retaining the potential of the 308win.

    ive got a scar17s that i can download to aac levels using big fat 220 grain bullets and run it subsonic through a suppressor and its stupid quiet. pretty much the only reason i dont go with a 300aac/blk is the 308 can do everything it does with more capability.

    it sounds like a cool idea but its one of those rounds that happens to be a solution for a problem that doesnt exist. just my opinon.
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    Can I ask the particulars on your scar17s setup. Which suppressor r u using, bullet and weight.