18 Tactical Folding Self Defense Knives.

Discussion in 'Other Weapons' started by Threetango, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. txpossum

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    I don't know who gave them the "best" label. There are some knives worth consideration at their price point on the list, but none of them would be one I would consider of either an edc or a self defense knife.

  2. Werminator

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    Makes me wonder what criteria were used in selecting these among so very many great choices.I for one am not impressed with this list, even if the author was relegating himself to a certain price limit I feel there are many better knives than most of the list!
  3. sweeper22

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    I don't have enough time or money to actually know what the greatest folder out there is.

    What I do know is this-

    A $70 Spyderco Endura is the perfect 4" folder for me. If you want smaller, the Delica is the same knife but reduced in size by 30% or so. On a budget ($25), I've been pretty impressed by Byrd (cheap Spyderco) and spring assisted Kershaw 'Speedsafe' models.