Thanks For Everything Dad

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This past Father's Day prompted me to reflect about my Dad and everything he taught me.

The first thing that comes to my mind is guns. My Dad loves them. He's old school. He will never tell you how many he has. I know not to ask him. It's the one topic that he can go on and on about. I'm guessing that he would be in good company with all of you reading this article.

He's a lawyer by trade and a gun and knife blacksmith for fun. He is self-taught and his work is amazing. When I was 12 years old I was the proud recipient of his first one, a .45 caliber black powder rifle made of tiger striped maple.

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Images Courtesy of John V. Hanson

To this day I proudly call that black powder rifle the "deer slayer'. It is dead on accurate and it is awesome for whitetail hunting. It is one of the most fun guns that I have.

He gave me that gun 31 years ago when it was very uncommon for a girl to have any interest in shooting guns let alone going deer hunting. I was so excited to go out hunting with him and looked forward to it every year.

I endured a lot of teasing from my dad's hunting buddies. I didn't care too much. I just wanted to go too and have some time with my dad.

Looking back he gave me an amazing gift. He taught me survival skills with hunting and shooting, how to gut a deer, hang it, butcher it and cook delicious venison meals. He also taught me gun safety and how to clean and care for my guns.

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Images Courtesy of John V. Hanson

I am sure many of you are doing the same with your kids, but my guess is that generally speaking, it's still a rather uncommon activity among most people. Self-sufficiency is one of the greatest skills that we can pass on to our children.

For those of you who have daughters, he also taught me that I was as good as any boy. Being teased by his other hunting buddies for being a girl certainly taught me how to stick up for myself. Although secretly I know that all of them thought it was great that I was out there shooting.

Today the number of woman hunting has increased dramatically since I was a little girl and it's still growing. In an age of our second amendment rights being constantly attacked it's really important to get as many women as possible shooting and hunting. We are just under half of the population and we need those numbers to protect our rights.

So in honor of my awesome Dad I am showing off some of his awesome gun smithing skills throughout this article.. I hope you enjoy looking at them. They are fun to shoot and all of them have brought in some pretty amazing bucks.

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Images Courtesy of John V. Hanson

Finally, I hope that all of you are remembering all of the good times that you had with your Dad. Tell your stories in the comments below.

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Elizabeth Hanson has been an avid hunter and shooter for 30 years. She believes in freedom and democracy and teaches those ideas to her three boys. You can follow her musings on her personal blog where she writes articles about gun rights, game recipes, product reviews, and more.

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November 26, 2016  •  01:54 PM
What a wonderful history between you and your father. I know or at least hope my daughters cherish the skills and history I pass on as a outdoorsman. My collection of firearms will go to all my children, boys and girls alike, our community will be well served by their confident knowledge, yours danahuff