Why Is Taco Bell's Wifi blocking websites like Cabelas?

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What's up Taco Bell? I don't normally eat at Taco Bell as I don't consider it a healthy restaurant, but I was on the road with my family and we needed to get a quick bite to eat.

After sitting down at a booth I jumped on their Wifi and decided to log into my Firearms Talk account.

To my surprise a message popped up letting me know the site was forbidden. Wow, I thought, Taco Bell is blocking Firearms Talk? Wait, what? Why? Well, I'm sure many of you savvy readers can guess why, it talks about GUNS, oh no!

So me, being me, I had to go speak to a manager. I mean really, this is ridiculous, it's not porn, or racist, or bloody and gory. It's a forum for law abiding citizens that enjoy talking about their second amendment right of owning and shooting firearms.

So I trotted up to the manager and asked why. She told me that since kids come to eat at Taco Bell and Taco Bell hires minors, their corporate office decided to block all sites that promote violence. She apologized to me for the inconvenience, and then blamed it on corporate and told me that there was nothing she could do.

Hum, interesting. Last time I checked no one at Firearms Talk is promoting violence. In fact, we represent law abiding citizens who love to talk about firearms.

I guess according to Taco Bell Corporate anything discussing guns is violence.

I acknowledge that I "agreed" to Taco Bells Terms and agreements when I went onto their Wifi, however, none of the websites I wanted to visit violate any laws or contain any obscene or indecent speech or materials. I guess they mean it when they say that "access to this Wi-FI service (the "Service") is provided at the sole discretion of Taco Bell Corp."

So I decided to dig a bit deeper to see if my other favorite firearms sites are "forbidden". I took screen shots on my iPhone to show you.

What I found out only left me more confused. My website, www.bullseyehuntingandshooting.com, isn't blocked. After this article comes out maybe it will be.

Why Is Taco Bell

deerhuntingbigbucks.com is blocked. huntingblogger.blogspot.com is not blocked.

Why Is Taco Bell

Why Is Taco Bell

NRAILA.org is not blocked, but the NRA.org is. nationalgunrights.org is blocked as well as nssf.org. See both screen shots.

Why Is Taco Bell

Why Is Taco Bell

Why Is Taco Bell

glock.com and smith-wesson.com are both blocked. See both screen shots.

Why Is Taco Bell

Why Is Taco Bell

cabelas.com and basspro.com are both blocked, but big5sportinggoods.com is not blocked.

Those were just a few sites that I checked out while on Taco Bells' Wifi and I did not do an exhaustive review of all the gun related sites that I know.

In any case, it seems like they are making an effort to keep normal, law abiding people away from accessing websites that talk about guns or hunting because naturally and according to the manager that I spoke with, they promote violence.

I'm so glad that big daddy Taco Bell Corporate is protecting their customers and employees from all violent things when they are in their establishment. I mean really, we need this as none of us can seem to think for ourselves. (Said with a super big snark.)

So to recap based upon the short list of blocked sites that I tried. I assume that Taco Bell Corporate does not like the following:

Violence. Well, this is according to the manager that I spoke with.

  • Guns.
  • Hunting.
  • Fishing, camping, and outdoor activities. They are blocking Cabellas and Bass Pro Shops
  • Second Amendment Rights. They are blocking the NRA, National Association for Gun Rights, and the National Shooting Sports Association.

I can only assume that some sites of the same nature are blocked while others are not as their IT staff hasn't done an exhaustive search of all gun related sites.

Frankly, I find it a bit hypocritical of them to block hunting sites. Last I checked they served meat. Is the life of a deer more precious than that of a cow or pig? In my opinion, if you are willing to eat beef then in principle you shouldn't be against eating venison.

However, Taco Bell seems perfectly fine with promoting guns and violence if their product gets media coverage.

According to Adweek, on October 4th, 1993, Taco Bell and General Motors backed the film Demolition Man with an estimated $15 million dollars. Both of them got product exposure throughout the film.

You can watch the trailer or Demolition Man here. You will see in about 1 second how extremely violent and full of guns that movie was.

This is not the only extremely violent film they have sponsored. On their own website they boast sponsoring the movie Batman in 1989 which also put Taco Bell in the spotlight.

I have included a screen shot of their website just in case that fun fact disappears after this article is published. Here is a link to their page.

Why Is Taco Bell


And to continue with their sponsorship and apparent approval of violent movies they recently sponsored the MTV 2016 Movie Awards. Here is a link to a press release on that.


Here are some of those, I'd say, pretty violent movies that were up for awards with MTV in 2016.

  • Avengers: Age of Ultron (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)
  • Creed (Warner Bros.)
  • Deadpool (20th Century Fox)
  • Jurassic World (Universal Pictures)
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)
  • Straight Outta Compton (Universal Pictures)
  • The Revenant (20th Century Fox)
  • The Hunting Ground (RADiUS-TWC)
  • Deadpool
  • Ironman

Oh, and did I mention, that these movies have guns in them?

Clearly, guns and violence are just fine for Taco Bell if they are in movies that will promote their product and earn them income.

But you still can't log into your Firearms Talk account in their restaurant.

So what can you do about it?

I say, boycott Taco Bell. Don't go there unless you are absolutely desperate.

Why should any of us give money to a company that doesn't support our second amendment rights or hobbies?

Let me know what you think.


About the Author
Elizabeth Hanson is passionate about the second amendment and enjoys both shooting and hunting. You can visit her blog at www.bullseyehuntingandshooting.com.

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September 7, 2016  •  06:56 AM
Simply withholding business will have no effect. To be effective Taco Bell will need to KNOW that such action is underway and KNOW what is causing it. We would need to flood Taco Bell with e-mails, letters and phone calls explaining our position and informing them that we are boycotting them. We need to spread the word as much as possible. Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo blogs, posts on their website, etc, all clarifying why there is a boycott underway.

Before undertaking that effort, decide if it's worth fighting them for this issue. Is Taco Bell a big enough part of our lives to be worth fighting for?
September 7, 2016  •  07:26 PM
Ok, I know I'm going to catch some flak for this, but here goes.

Yes, they are blocking access to certain sites, but are they also telling you not to carry there? The minor issue of not being able to use their wifi for some sites, when I never take a laptop with me to a fast food place, is still an injustice to some, but it is nothing when compared to eateries that are open to the public not allowing carry in their business. I don't eat junk food often, but I do like to pick it up at the ;local TB, as it's one of the few open places at 03:00, so count me out of the boycott. For now.

If, OTOH, you contact corporate, and find out that they also don't want carry on their property, as in a case of eff what the local laws are, it's a no go, then I'm in.
September 9, 2016  •  01:18 AM
I am responding as soon as I post this, I will send a blurb and link to Taco Bell
September 9, 2016  •  01:34 AM
The contact/email address is invalid:
I found a contact page but required info INCLUDES address of resturant including city and state, and time of visit
September 11, 2016  •  09:27 PM
Those films mentioned were not violent, but, silly films at best. Total goofy humor.
October 4, 2016  •  09:29 AM
1. I wonder if they block Islamic web sites that DO promote violence?

2. I've written to Taco Bell before ...never a response. Black hole... but I'm betting that the email did get read, at least by some flunky being paid to look for liability issues or something. Good luck and keep writing anyway.

I eat at Chik-Fil-A and shop at Hobby Lobby... and boycott Target, Lowes, and others that are unAmerican or Christophobes....
October 4, 2016  •  09:31 AM
Hard-right gun-toting constitutional conservatives ...you're invited to Idaho. Help keep America alive where it still is. Google the American Redoubt... it's alive and well, and accelerating.
October 20, 2016  •  12:25 AM
When I was in a major hotel chian.. not sure if it was Marriott of Hilton... a few months ago.
I had same results.

I complained at the front desk who apologized ( and agreed with me) and they gave me the contact info for corparate to complain to and I did.

The ironic thing personnel civilian and and military attending a major local exercise were 50% of the hotels guests at the time and uniforms were much in evidence..
November 9, 2016  •  09:49 PM
I hate Taco Bell now more than before.

Just like Walmart taking "Shotgun News" and other gun magazines off the reading shelf.
November 14, 2016  •  10:16 PM
I love taco Bell but since they don't want us using there Wi-Fi for any thing about guns but are two faced and will promote there products on violent movies the will by on my do not stop in list . Thanks for the heads up.
November 26, 2016  •  05:51 PM
Piston. Shotgun news cam off the shelves because it wasn't selling well enough to warrant ordering in month after month. as to no gun mags there, I've never seen it, and I have been to WM in 35 states over the last 20 years. Even in NY, they always had, and still have when I stop into one there, a well stocked gun mag section, with more than one centered on firearms NYers can get anymore.

Now, are you guys serious? Boycotting over Wifi, and the rules they set there for it's use? this when there are places like Pannera Bread that ban firearms in civilian hands there? As to target and lowe's, it was about open carry of rifles, and they are following the local laws covering carry of pistols, so i don't see the point in boycotting them.

i applaud your resolve folks, but Y'All need to learn how to pick your battles.
June 1, 2017  •  02:01 PM
You can install a free VPN on your mobile device and problem solved. Take your device to the manager after you log in to the forum and tell them resistance is futile... We will prevail by making the anti's fight ineffective.
August 4, 2017  •  06:59 PM

Are you kidding. Walmart sell more ammo than more gun shops. they recently started selling firearms in some of the stores. you worry about a print magazine? You do realize that print magazines died years ago.
August 27, 2017  •  01:06 PM
Living in San Antonio, surrounded by great Mexican food restaurants, the Taco Bell parking lots are mostly empty. Nobody cares about their alleged Mexican 'fast food'.