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I have been using this system for approx 1 week, and thought I would give my personal review of this product. This system is made from Laser Ammo. Their Surestrike system allows an individual to convert your personal firearm that you carry on a daily basis into a dry fire-training device. The installation only takes a matter of minutes and you can make your living room, basement, office, etc into a range type atmosphere.

The Kit

The Surestrike Laser Ammo kit comes in a small case. Included are six mini reflective targets (made specifically for laser ammo), a laser cartridge, a safety pipe that runs the length of your firearms barrel, an orange cap that goes onto the end of the safety pipe, the battery, and instruction manual. Before installation, be sure you start with a safe and clear weapon (its best to put all live ammo in a totally different room for safety sake).

The kit comes standard with the 9mm laser cartridge; however, adapters are available for .40S&W, .45ACP, 357Sig, .38SPL, and 12 gauge shotguns. Adapter use is easy. Simply place the adapter of the caliber you are using over the laser cartridge and it is converted! When you pull the trigger on your weapon, the firing pin strikes the laser ammo (completely safe for your firing pin) and it emits a laser strike for a split-second onto the target, so you know right where your POI (point of impact) would have been.

The Experience

I installed the Sure Strike into my Glock 30SF with no problems at all. The system also comes with an extension that you use for full size frames, however the 30SF, the extension was not needed. The only issue is that with single action pistols (such as Glock) you must manually rack the slide to reset the trigger. Double action weapons you can pull the trigger multiple times.

The Sure Strike works great for practicing draw techniques and speed, shooting accuracy in the comfort of your own home or place that you wish, and the fact that I didn't have to pay for a range or ammo is a added bonus. The battery of the Surestrike is guaranteed to last 5,000 strikes.

I am very pleased with the Surestrike laser ammo, and I would recommend this product to anyone that is interested in practicing basic firearm fundamentals, without leaving the comfort of their home.

Kudos to the guys at Laser Ammo for a great product!

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