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I have been a fan of the Glock handgun since I was far too young to even know what I was really looking at besides the fact that I saw the M17 used in movies. I had my heart set on an M17 when I first got my license to carry, unfortunately for me, I live in Massachusetts and wanting a factory new firearm for my first gun disqualified any Glock. So, I settled on something else.

Once the glamour of being licensed to carry in one of the most anti-gun states had subsided I began my search for a Glock. After about 5 months of searching, I finally came across someone looking to get rid of their generation 2 Glock 19 9mm. I jumped on the chance at my first true high capacity firearm and happily paid him $500 for the gun. I immediately took it home and tore it down and cleaned and looked over everything. For a gun made before 1994 I was amazed at what good shape it was in. The gun appeared to be brand new short of a little holster wear. I purchased a few boxes of cheap ammo and rushed to the range. I am a stickler for running 200 or more rounds through a gun before I use it for carry. The gun functioned flawlessly, not a single failure of any kind and it was extremely accurate. I was hooked.

I started researching Glock a bit watching any videos I could find online about them and took immediate interest in the many torture tests I found. I was truly amazed at what you could put this gun through and have it still function. You can literally bury it in your back yard and dig it up after the winter and it will still go bang. One day while I was surfing the net for firearm related information I came across Firearms Talk Forum. I poked around a bit and was amazed at the knowledge of many of the members and I decided to join. I have made many friends and learned a lot in the process. One day while I was scanning the forum, I came across a thread comparing 10mm to 45 acp which I found very interesting because I was unfamiliar with the 10mm caliber. I asked the member on the "10mm is better" side of the discussion for a link to ballistic information and I was immediately set on my next firearm, the Glock 20 10mm.

I couldn't believe I had never heard about the biggest Glock on the block. What could be better than a Glock with the capacity of a 9mm and more punch than a 45 acp? I had to have one. I set out on the search for a pre-ban generation 2 Glock 20 and after about 4 months of phone calls to every local gun shop in the state and being told "good luck", one of the great members from Firearms Talk Forum found one for me in Chelmsford. I contacted the owner and rushed down to see him that day. After a bit of paperwork I left his house with my new baby. I paid $600 for her. She was in mint condition with two 15rnd mags in Tupperware. I couldn't be happier.

The next day I went down to the local gun store and I picked up 100 rounds of relatively cheap 10mm and a box of $1 a piece self defense jacketed hollow points and I hit the range. As usual the firearm functioned flawlessly regardless of what I fed it and it was deadly accurate. The recoil was very manageable and follow up shots were no issue. I could easily dump a full mag into the target at 21' within 10 seconds. I was in love. I retired my 1911 and Glock 19 to range gun status and my Glock 20 has been on my hip ever since.

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September 1, 2012  •  12:23 AM
My first "serious" handgun was (and is) a Gen III Glock G22C in that LEO-loved .40 S&W. It's a marvelous piece of engineering and tougher than a top-sergeant's heart and I know it will ready to defend me and mine in any eventuality. I wish they had these available when I was in Vietnam because they seem born to thrive in that kind of miserable climate. That said, I have to state that I prefer to shoot my 1911! There is something about old-slabsides mass of metal that feels good in my hand and old John Moses knew more about ergonomics back then than most pistol designers do now (I don't even think the word "ergonomics" even existed then!)because it feels so comfortable in the hand and points so naturally. Yes, I love my Glock; but my 1911 there waiting in case those .40 calibers just aren't enough!
September 2, 2012  •  11:02 AM
Good article
September 8, 2012  •  04:39 PM
thats a nice weapon good writeup
September 16, 2012  •  12:16 AM

Even though many ammo makers down-load 10mm ammo to 40 S&W pressure levels, it is still ballistically superior to the 45 ACP. Check it out. Despite the fact that (B)Glock's are ugly and unergonomic, I'll take my G20SF over my Kimber Target Eclipse for serious hunting or defense purposes. The Kimber may be prettier, but the 15+1 rounds of 10mm in the Glock beast trumps 1911's beauty when the SHTF.
September 24, 2012  •  01:11 AM
I have no doubt about the truth of your statements about the ballistic superiority of the 10mm; I've seen the data myself in several magazine reports. Were I to purchase a home defense pistol again I would probably lean toward a Glock 20 or S&W M&P in that caliber. But I have my G22C and several boxes of Hornaday PDX (plus a case of American Eagle hardball)that fits it and feel comfortable that between the Glock and my Mossberg 500 stuffed with Hydra Shok, any threat to my home short of armored vehicles can be thwarted. The 1911 is there with a mag of PDX just because...(let's face it; it is a WONDERFUL gun to shoot!)
And I hope and pray that I never have to use any of them for what they are loaded for.