StickImUp Gun Magets

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Every once in a while I'm sent items for review that seem like a good idea, but after the review I'm left scratching my head and thinking why I need this.

StickImUpGun Magnets are the exact opposite of that.

My initial reaction to the flat black neodymium magnet was less than stellar. Why would I need to mount a firearm on a magnet? Turns out, it's quick access.

Mounting in any location where screws are an option, the light magnet holds up to 12lbs, meaning fully loaded handguns can attach to it without slipping. The magnet face mount is significantly larger than other firearm mounting magnets out there. More contact points means a better connection. This is a product I would use in an RV, at the office, or anywhere else I could ensure that I was the only one to have access to it. It's a clever idea, and if you're in a position where quick access is needed, but carrying is not, this will definitely provide you the solution.

Common Sense Disclaimer: Don't use StickImUp Gun Magnets where children may have access. I feel like I don't need to say it, and the reality is I just shouldn't have to. Gun safety is everyone's responsibility.

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