South Jersey Shooting Club

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The South Jersey Shooting Club is a facility dedicated to the sport
of shooting. It is made up of five firing ranges: 25 yds. hand gun and
small caliber rifle; 50 yds. pistol, rifle, plinking, and shotgun
patterning; the 100 yds. and 300 yds. center fire rifle; 50yds. Law
Enforcement and military officials use the range on multiple occasions
as well.

Also home to South Jersey IDPA with shoots held on a separate action range.

The ranges are made up of 60′ by 24′ foot shooting buildings,
comfortably equipped with 15 benches protected from the weather.

There is a field archery course built to the specifications of the National
Field Archery Association. The facility is a perfect place for a family
to enjoy the great sports of target shooting and archery.

Don't forget to check out Bangers Sport Shop, a new full featured firearm and archery shop located right on the range grounds.

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    5 of 5 | September 17, 2012 at 12:16 AM One of the best ranges in New Jersey

    Pros: rarely overcrowded, many onsite NRA sanctioned classes, CCW and Hunter Safety training.

    Cons: So much fun my ammo costs have skyrocketed

    Recommended? Yes

    What can I decision I ever made was joining. If you are tired of spending all your time at a 25 yd indoor range and really want to stretch the legs of your AR or AK then this is the place you want to be..25, 50, 100 and 200 yard ranges! Home to some of the best Range Officers and instructors in the business. Gun for Hire South, Bangers Sports Shop and South Jersey IDPA all call SJSC home.
    South Jersey Shooting Club - Jpyle - arial-range-11.jpg