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    Hi everyone I'm new to shooting but learned quick it is very addicting and expensive!! I always wanted to learn how to shoot but I grew up in household with no guns. Then marriage then 3 kids.

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  • December 15, 2013 at 01:03 PM
    Took a class there some time back, became a member. Great friendly staff.
    4 of 5 | August 27, 2012 at 10:02 PM Overall, a good range and gun shop. I recommend the place to my friends looking for an indoor range.

    Pros: Shop has knowledgeable staff, good selection for sale and rental, fairly priced ammo/Range is well ventilated, usually not a long wait for a lane.

    Cons: Not an authorized Armorer for MANY brands (obviously none of MY guns), accessories are not the "best" prices/It's been around for 20 years, so the range is not in the "best" shape.

    Recommended? Yes

    Located in Lakewood, NJ off of exit 89 on the GSP. 

    Overall you won't feel like a fool if you walk in there and you've never shot a gun before or if you're an experienced shooter. You get staff that know what you're talking about and are engaging as well. The guys know their stuff and they're friendly is the takeaway here. RO's are professional and not D's about it. And they're willing to help when/if they can. It's no Wild West there. Range has stops up to 25 yards, you can shoot up to .500 S&W Magnum, though all high powered rifle ammo must be frangible or else!!! 

    They have a nice selection of rentals as well, so if you're deciding on what firearm to buy, that warrants the trip, not only you can hold it but you can probably rent it as well and give it a try!

    Their gun prices are average; after all, there's always a deal somewhere when you're willing to shop around. But they do their best to accommodate as far as price goes, and their selection of firearms is quite good as well plus they have access to just about everything else at a fair price. As an example, being that they're in New Jersey, they can only sell mags with a max of 15 rounds. They sell Magpul AR mags in 20 or 30 round styles pinned to 15 rounds for the lowest price I've ever seen them for. 

    For a good time at an indoor range, or to rent or purchase a firearm, I recommend adding Shore Shot Pistol Range to your list of go to places.