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Veteran owned and operated home based gun dealer. We provide our customers quality firearms, accessories, and ammo at the lowest price possible. We are dealer direct with numerous AR manufacturers to include: Armalite, CMMG, Daniel Defense, DPMS, New Frontier Armory, rn Noveske, Olympic Arms, Palmetto State Armory, Rock River Arms, Spikes rnTactical, Stag Arms, Yankee Hill Machine.  FFL transfers for $15 or ask have military and first responder discounts. Call 563-514-2595 or email sales@riverbendarms.com to get your specialized quote on your next firearm purchase. 


  • River Bend Arms

    www.riverbendarms.com Started by our own silverado113 He took the time to research numerous questions and left turns that I through at him before I picked up my stripped lower from him today.

  • What is in your Bug Out Bag?

    What is in your bug out bag? How big is it? Do you have more than one for different occasions? Right now I have my hunting gear packed into a bag but I am considering a purpose built bug out bag

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