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Barracks 616 is West Michigan's newest premier indoor firearms range. 25 yards and up to a .50 cal handgun or long gun. We offer call ahead lane reservations and a complimentary 30 day range pass with the purchase of any of our firearms.


  • Michigan Firearms Store?

    Im going on a bike ride this Friday and I figure I would go somewhere and look for a new pistol while im out. Whats the best firearm store in Michigan and where is it located? Im in GrandRapids but an

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    4 of 5 | November 22, 2013 at 08:58 PM read the review for more info...

    Pros: glad there is another place to get my fix in Michigan...

    Cons: can't really say much good or bad, not enough info.

    Recommended? Yes

    i understand this place is in W.Mi,
    but where exactly in W.Mi?

    thanks ;)

    never mind, figured it out by noting the tags :D
    cool and thanks again,

    be expecting a new potential customer to stop in and check things out.

    5 of 5 | November 9, 2013 at 05:00 PM Very friendly and inviting environment. Full service gun shop with new and used firearms. Competitive pricing with an unbeatable 30 day range pass provided with every gun sold. A strong push for education and skill building.

    Pros: 25 yard indoor range with state of the art equipment

    Cons: Need to have an additional outdoor facility to shoot skeet or trap

    Recommended? Yes

    Barracks 616 sets the new standard for West Michigan gun ranges. With all state of the art equipment you will fill comfortable, safe and welcome in our facility. We have a range officer in the range any time we have a guest in the range. We offer call ahead lane reservations as well as on sight gun storage. Looking for a good afternoon with the family or friends Barracks 616 is your destination!
    Barracks 616 - Barracks616 - b-616-logo-v2-56.jpg