Taurus THUNDERBOLT .357 MAGNUM/38SP - notdku -
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Completely re-engineered to afford you fine and reliable shooting. Realistically priced and styled this rifle will win you over while using the famous .38/.357 ammo to place you at the top of the competition. With a beautiful Hardwood Stock and Forend, as well as a solid Metal Curved Crescent Butt Plate, each stock is sanded and finished to match each individual Rifle. Authentic Long Horn Adjustable Rear Sight with an easy function Feed Gate, this 14 Round Super Fast Short Action Pump has a Great Trigger with excellent balance and a natural feel. Available in a beautiful Blue or Polished Stainless Finish and of course each firearm has the Taurus Security System Lock.

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  • August 7, 2011 at 02:22 AM

    Price: $575.00

    Pros: Accurate, Reliable (work it vigorously, dont baby it) slim and it hold 14 rounds. I like the decocker on the hammer. Good handling charactoristics.

    Cons: Bore has a lot of tool marks (I was going to send it back but it shot so well I feared that the replacement may not be as good) Bluing while dark and even id a bit too shinny for my taste.

    Recommended? Yes

    I have had it for over a year now and have put a few hundred round through it. I shoot my standard pistol load; 255 gr cast lead (Lee) lubede with LLA over 8 gr of unique. At 50 yard it will stay inside 1.5 inches. The bore has a lot of tool marks in it and I was going to send it back until I shot it. It is accurate and I was not suffering any leading, so I decided to keep it. I figured that there was a chance that the replacement may not shoot as good even with a prettier bore.
    I have had no reliability issues with it, you have to work the slide with vigour. *****footing the slide will result in a FTE and gum the works up. I like it and will try it as a deer rifle this fall. I would have liked a more traditional rust blue finish but that is not how Taurus does it. The finish done by Taurus is good, just sort of modern looking to my eye.

    PS. Contrary to some reports, it is not a warmed over Win.62. It bears no relationship to that rifle and whoever started that rumour has never looked inside one. It is truly a slightly re-engineered Colt Lightning.