Rhyno Technologies - Rhyno Two Tone Aluminum Grips for Sig Sauer P238

Rhyno Technologies - Rhyno Two Tone Aluminum Grips for Sig Sauer P238 - aftermonster30350 -
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Rhyno Technologies
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The company, Rhyno Technologies (http://www.rhynotek.com), produces aluminum grips. I have been paying attention to this company since last October (2009) after I met a sales rep in a shooting range in the Atlanta area. It seems that they are producing aluminum grips for Sig Sauer P238 only at this time, but with about 10 styles.

I just purchased a pair, the first one in the product grid with a part number of 481380. The list price is $85.99, however, I paid $55.50 for a pair, and I consider this a very good deal. I've seen similar products in the price range of $80 - $90.

The grips have slim profile, and the silver part is checkered. After I replaced the original somewhat bulky plastic Sig grips, I immediately feel a much better hold on the gun !!!

THis is my first Amazon style review, and this Sig P238 is my first ever concealed carry weapon. I am a realtor in the Atlanta area, BTW.

Recommend !

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    This review unfortunately is not on the product, but the company itself. I have never had such a headache from purchasing grips online as I have with this company. First off, they state on the site that the grips are "in stock" and "ship within 24 hours." This is a lie. I waited a week and finally contacted the company - days later received an email stating the grips haven't even been shipped yet. Requested a refund. Another week passes before I got a reply and then was asked again to confirm cancellation which I promptly did. Two weeks after that and still no refund. Horrible customer service, horrible communication, no grips, and currently out $63.

    On a positive note during this whole fiasco I purchased grips from Alumagrips. I had emailed the company first asking a question about the grips I was interested in and was contacted within hours from the owner - now that's customer service!!! The grips came a few days later and they are amazing! Great quality, great fit, great feel, and great customer service!!!