Firearms Talk - Episode 4

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Giving "The List" a bit of a rest, we talk about an upcoming local gun show and a short talk about shooting and tactics schools.
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November 12, 2013  •  12:20 PM
Another great podcast. Thanks. I like hearing your voices, especially that Bronx accent. LOL
I am a pretty modest dresser and have had no hot brass down my cleavage but I have felt the pain of hot brass down the back of my shirt. OUCH!! And it always makes for an interesting "dance" trying to get it out.
We Mods are back to being just Mods. The reasoning behind making us all Admins didn't pan out and we are back to Mods. The only Admins are Austin and Notdku.
Lyme disease would be a great podcast topic.
Trez and his Medusa would be a good guest. Though I think he's a little sad because his Medusa needs some repair, if I recall correctly.
How about the age old debate of Glocks vs. 1911 or .380 vs. 9mm? ROFL
November 30, 2013  •  01:01 AM
I think before we get to Vegas, we will have a sensible discussion of "calibers for carry" you'd be surprised to know that even though I carry a compact DAO 9mm, and have and own several, as well as a few 1911's, that I like 380's and 32ACP's almost as much. While I'd almost never carry one as a main or only gun unless dress dictated it, with all the modern ammo out new now, it's not a stretch to carry something smaller