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I had the opportunity to test and evaluate the NM Collector software, a vendor here at Firearms Talk. Just to give a short background into my collector status, I'm not one in the classic sense. I am barely able to keep track of where my gun safe is much less the contents of that safe. I was a bit hesitant at first to dive into looking at this program but I keep having to wonder, where ARE my guns and WHAT state of repair are they in and how much is it worth??

I was keeping records before with a pencil and a notebook but Enter the NM Collector package. This is an excellent design for data entry, easy to use and a boon to anyone wanting a quick way to see what their guns are worth, the condition they are in and the serials. There are many, many pluses to the NM Collector but there are also a few things I would like to see improved.

Anyway, let's dig into this program a bit so I can explain better what this is and how it works.

There are two versions a free version, which I have access, and a paid version which gives access to the reporting features. The reports are design more for the FFL holder or big collector especially when dealing with coins or other collections of small things with changing value that get traded a lot. They are also invaluable for insurance purposes. You can, with this software, literally design it yourself to collect anything you can think of.

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The main page is pre-populated with a staggering variety of things to collect and comes pre-populated with 1 item in each category as a default. I removed a lot of the default categories as they covered things I was not interested in and left others. I was testing just how easy it was to customize. Well it's pretty darn easy. I wanted to jump right in without referencing the help function which includes how to videos and a full manual in online electronic format. However, I have not really needed to consult that section as amazingly enough I have not broken it yet. The ease of use is astounding and very intuitive. All of the categories can be customized including titles and internal fields.

I said before, you can edit anything, and this is true if you purchase the full version. In the free version you only get the first three pages of identification, description, and pictures. By clicking the edit fields box you can change the name of a given field and then type in your own data or pull in pre populated fields with the drop down arrow. One super tiny annoyance in this drop down menu is the United States and other gun making nations are not at the top of the list and the USA comes in under the United Arab Emirates. I would find that field a little more handy in the drop down if it listed the big gun making nations like Germany, USA, Belgium, Russia, and China for example at the top of the list for easy population. You can still type it out manually with no trouble and it's just a pet peeve of mine.

You can insert pictures directly from your computer into the NM Software and cycle through them. My version does not let me zoom, size to fit and only shows actual size which I assume is a feature that opens with the pay version. This is a super easy means of adding photos attached to a specific item and you can add as many photos as you care to which makes this software oh so worth the entry price. If you're taking the time to populate the data into the program you are probably doing it for insurance tracking reasons.
When I found out this program had the picture capability is when I decided I need to jump in and just start getting my property recorded. The best thing is that if you live in a home or apartment and have any item of value you want to have insured THIS is the software for YOU! Who doesn't have a file folder full of random pictures of their valuables? With this software you can itemize your belongings attach pictures with values and include receipts. Having this stored off site in case of fire, robbery, flood, or zombie invasion taking a copy to the insurance company with the printed reports would make getting reimbursed for loss stupid easy.

Speaking of storing off site this handy little gem runs straight off of a USB stick which can be duplicated and stored elsewhere. I am running mine off my hard drive at the moment but will be moving the works to a USB stick and storing in my safety deposit box. When you purchase the software NM Collector software offers the option of them sending you a USB memory stick with the software pre-installed.

While I am not huge into making lists or recording what I own, this software makes it easy and fun to record your valuables for future reference. If you take the time you can also create fields for basic maintenance of any of your valuables from cars to guns to even oiling your electric razor in the bathroom on a schedule if you care to.
This all boils down to a simple easy to use software that amazingly does exactly what it's supposed with no extraneous additions or frills that just get in the way of doing what it's supposed to do.

As for me I am going to shell out the coinage for the NM Collector Software. I've spent the last two months playing with it and getting to understand what it can really do.

This is what folks call a No-Brainer.

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