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  • Posted in thread: uncle passed on on 12-06-2010 at 11:59 PM
    Good evening, just got back from south Texas, my last uncle passed on and we went down as he
    was a member of the corps, served in Korea, as we were talking right before we came home my
    cousin came up ...

  • Posted in thread: m887 remington pump on 11-07-2010 at 06:28 PM
    while back i took in a 887 on a trade, want to make it a personal weapon , can a 870 tac type
    stock be put on this weapon and can i use 870 barrels ymmas in the flint hills

  • Posted in thread: new toy going together on 10-17-2010 at 07:08 PM
    hello from the flint hills, have a new toy going together . bought a lar upper and a lower
    group and will put the lower together this coming week, hope to try it out next week. have 150
    gr and 180gr 3...

  • Posted in thread: Rimfire pistols on 09-15-2010 at 05:15 AM
    bought a p22 a couple of months ago, fell in love with it,we have a couple single sixs and a
    couple of heritage 22, i love the safety and that it came with a 22mag cly . the daughter in
    laws shot my p...

  • Posted in thread: How to Lube your AR-15 on 08-26-2010 at 02:47 PM
    do they still make lubriplate grease? used this on my m1 and my m14, worked great seems these
    AR type weapons love to run wet ymmas

  • Posted in thread: The AR Build: Did You & Your Thoughts on 08-02-2010 at 06:24 PM
    while back i bought a RRA lower with a damed good trigger and a stag upper in 5.56. everything
    went fine, GREAT weapon and is just what we needed. a little later bought a model 1 upper and a
    complete ...

  • Posted in thread: rem 1100/16 ga on 07-27-2010 at 04:01 PM
    we have a rem1100 in our battery been wrapped up in a gun sock for a LONG time, when we pulled
    it out to check it out we found the the lower tube that holds the shells was Empty, where can i
    find part...

  • Posted in thread: Do I really need anything more? on 05-01-2010 at 10:09 PM
    yes sir, 45, and 40s and some 9 and for each of the ladies i bought waltherP380 as they all
    fell in lovewith my P22 semper fi ymmas

  • Posted in thread: Do I really need anything more? on 05-01-2010 at 06:03 PM
    we knew it was going to be but setting around doing nothing for 5 hrs will drive me up a wall
    in short order, sort of like sitting in a bunker getting smacked with Russian/ Chinese arty,
    take car ymma...

  • Posted in thread: Do I really need anything more? on 05-01-2010 at 05:54 PM
    guys i guess i am a little thin skinned, had a long night , my daughter in law is in the
    hospital about to deliver another boot for the corps! spent 5 hrs in the waiting room and was
    in a real bad moo...