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  • Posted in thread: Shotgun for HD...they work! on 11-26-2011 at 12:27 PM
    I have too agree with CA357.Joe-R

  • Posted in thread: $1000 to spend. How do you spend it? on 11-20-2011 at 03:32 PM
    Rent utility's and food. My dream is not to be homeless till after Christmas. Joe-R

  • Posted in thread: SHTF Survival Guns on 11-20-2011 at 02:55 PM
    No way I'm reading all that9mm 22lr and 300winmagI figure that'll cover everything from close
    quaters combat to lang range hunting and a little small game. Shoot a shotgun all day and
    you'll wish you ...

  • Posted in thread: Samauri Attack! on 11-20-2011 at 02:41 PM
    AR 15 easier to control & reload than the Mossi. Both good choices.Joe-R

  • Posted in thread: Will you stay or go? on 11-20-2011 at 02:38 PM
    Depends on what hits the fan. I live in a small town in Northeastern Oregon farm land &
    mountains close enough river runs threw town and Colombia river close . The big problem is the
    umatella chemical...

  • Posted in thread: What is your go to gun for a Emergency Semi Auto or Revolver on 11-20-2011 at 02:17 PM
    I had the Colt .45 ACP .40 S&W & 9MM Para. Sometimes things don't always end the way you want
    them too. I have now a S&W Mod 66 .357 Mag for me & a S&W Mod 6906 9MM Para for my wife.Joe-R

  • Posted in thread: what revolver do you use when you carry? on 11-18-2011 at 08:16 PM
    Since my G/F decide she needs my S&W 6906 more than I. I now carry a S&W Mod 66 w a 4IN Barrel
    plus two (2) speed loaders..Joe R

  • Posted in thread: Winchester model 94 30-30 on 11-18-2011 at 08:10 PM
    YES- Grow a brain for gawgds sake :confused:NOTE- Wont delete so you can all see i FINIALLY
    made a mistake:pBUT I was wrong on my ass/u/ming the OP was the stupid one :oWell said.Joe R

  • Posted in thread: Best sd/hd shotgun? on 11-14-2011 at 11:30 AM
    Not many auto loader fans out here are there?I have a Mossi 590. I am now to poor to buy any
    more guns.Joe-R

  • Posted in thread: My new 10/22 on 11-13-2011 at 09:58 PM
    Own two Ruger 10/22's. I'm slowly acquiring spare parts from customizing my 10/22's. I've
    upgraded my target 10/22 with a Timney Trigger Block and custom bolt handle. The trigger block
    update made a w...

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