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  • Posted in thread: My Friend Jimmy on 02-19-2010 at 01:43 AM
    I agree, mechanical instruments have malfunctions. But to imply that because any one person who
    has not experienced this themselves (and you intentionally mentioned ADs) that they are a liar
    or have n...

  • Posted in thread: My Friend Jimmy on 02-18-2010 at 11:25 PM
    It jells correctly. I also stated that I have found it to be true. Anyone who has dealt with
    machinery of anysort, to any extent, has had failures, these are "incedents". Not following
    saftey measures...

  • Posted in thread: My Friend Jimmy on 02-18-2010 at 10:46 PM
    I have been shooting for more than 30 years. I have been working with new shooters more than
    20. I have seen a brand new, first mag in the gun browning pistol go full auto the first time
    the trigger w...

  • Posted in thread: My Friend Jimmy on 02-18-2010 at 09:53 PM
    I have never had a single incident on a range and never will.Tango BTW every long term firearms
    enthuiest or instructer I have ever met have always said that anyone who has never had an
    incedent or AD...

  • Posted in thread: My Friend Jimmy on 02-18-2010 at 05:39 PM
    I have known Bob for quite awhile now and I can assure you he is telling the truth. And I can
    also assure you that this story is nowwhere near as bad as some of the stuff Bob has got into
    over the yea...

  • Posted in thread: Newbies & .40 S&W on 02-15-2010 at 10:51 PM
    I hate it when I am at the range and some in a lane close to me is taking thier girlfriend or
    wife shooting for the first time and they start them off with a small framed 9,40, or small
    revolver shoot...

  • Posted in thread: ok im sorry i just cant stand the .38 special on 02-15-2010 at 08:56 AM
    One thing to consider in all this is the fact that deer in the deep south are a lot smaller
    than the deer in places like Colorado, the midwest or the northeast. In the deep south
    7.62X39mm is adequate...

  • Posted in thread: New Shooter from Detroit. on 02-13-2010 at 09:00 AM
    Welcome, I was raised in Detoilet but got out as soon as I could.

  • Posted in thread: Drats! on 02-08-2010 at 09:34 AM
    Woke up this AM, the walls was shakin', the widows ratlin', the dog was howlin', the parrot was
    screamin'. Yep, I missed the last nigthtime shutle launch. I didn't think it had a chance of
    going when ...

  • Posted in thread: 6.5x55 on 02-08-2010 at 08:52 AM
    Thanks, thats some good data. I already have IMR 4350,4895, and 4831. I will give those a try.