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  • Posted in thread: Winning on 03-10-2014 at 08:08 PM
    My little boy (age 4) came into the bedroom while I was finishing up getting dressed the other
    morning. I had my belt and all the stuff that was going into my pockets or on the belt laid out
    on the be...

  • Posted in thread: Jacksonville on 12-06-2013 at 05:28 PM
    Sorry for the delayed reaction; I've been away from the forum for a while.Where are you
    shooting? I haven't had as much time to shoot as I used to, but we might be able to meet up

  • Posted in thread: If you could not carry a gun! on 12-06-2013 at 02:05 PM
    Boiled egg fartsOh, sure. Escalate to chemical WMDs, why don't you?

  • Posted in thread: Advice and suggestions on 10-01-2013 at 03:19 AM
    I would add a note about posture. It looks like you are standing with your shoulders back
    farther than your hips, almost to the point of leaning back. That increases the effects of
    recoil.Watch this v...

  • Posted in thread: Last to Post Wins! - A Contest on 09-09-2013 at 12:28 AM
    So how's everybody's fantasy football team doing? Or any other fantasy team you have?

  • Posted in thread: Where to Keep my Home Protection Pistol. on 09-06-2013 at 06:26 AM
    Keep it on your person until bedtime. Then put it in a bedside safe. I have a 4-year-old, and
    my gun goes into a biometric safe that lives on my bedside table. I like the fingerprint reader
    because it...

  • Posted in thread: Your pocket carry on 09-06-2013 at 06:20 AM
    My pocket carry is a Sig P238 in a Remora holster, with a spare mag in a Remora magazine
    carrier.The largest gun I have ever pocket-carried was a Glock 27, and I was wearing jeans.

  • Posted in thread: Took my 586 no dash to Cabelas on 09-05-2013 at 09:15 PM
    It could be that they expected to bargain with you over their offer and also with a buyer over
    the retail price. Still a lot of markup.On a side note, make sure the recall work was done on
    it. There w...

  • Posted in thread: Your house is broken into on 09-05-2013 at 09:05 PM
    I expect a home invader to have a gun. And I expect him to have friends. And I expect at least
    one of them to try coming in through a second entrance.

  • Posted in thread: why does my local range? on 09-05-2013 at 09:00 PM
    There are two ranges near me that do that. One takes your driver's license and a phone number
    if you're renting the use of a plate rack. There's a padlock on the racks, and having your
    license and pho...

"An armed society is a polite society." Robert A. Heinlein "After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn't do it. I sure as hell wouldn't want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military." William S. Burroughs