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  • Belfast,Northern Ireland
  • Going to sandy dusty places and doing some shooting on a two way range
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  • Posted in thread: You carry THAT! on 05-14-2013 at 10:08 PM
    I have the same model firestar in 9x19, it was my dads before he got his Glock 19, only reason
    he changed was he hated carrying the weight of the gun after years carrying a ruger wheel gun
    on patrol.

  • Posted in thread: 92fs magazines on 04-07-2013 at 10:03 AM
    Never seen 10rd magazines for the 92fs, I live in the UK and mine came with 15rd as standard
    and I have a collection of 17rd magazines that I use with no problems

  • Posted in thread: my beretta M9A1 on 04-01-2013 at 09:28 PM
    If I can get my camera to work I'll get mine posted up

  • Posted in thread: What are the options for carrying a full size service pistol concealed? on 03-30-2013 at 01:56 PM
    Work carry is a Glock17, normally a business Suit IWB, out of work 92FS/ M9A1 also IWB usually
    jeans, T-shirt and light jacket. I'm not that big, 185cm tall, 110kgs,can't remember the

  • Posted in thread: What weapon do u conceal!!!!! on 03-27-2013 at 06:33 PM
    Beaver, is was supposed tone never, bloody iPhone spell check

  • Posted in thread: What weapon do u conceal!!!!! on 03-27-2013 at 06:32 PM
    I carried a Glock 17 for years, but was beaver happy about the trigger safety, changed to a
    firestar for a few years, nice pistol but very heavy for its size, now I swap between my
    Beretta 92FS and th...

  • Posted in thread: Beretta 92fs IWB holster on 11-23-2012 at 03:42 PM
    Shoulder holsters while a good idea wouldn't be my first choice, I like to get my jacket off,
    the cross breed looks like it could be the winner.

  • Posted in thread: Military history of your family? on 11-22-2012 at 11:40 PM
    Started back in 1689 with William John Kerr and Cunningham's cavalry during the siege of London
    Derry William ended up as Col of the regiment for the battle of the boyne in 1690. So many of
    the family...

  • Posted in thread: New Beretta on 11-22-2012 at 09:18 PM
    Carrying the 92fs can be a pain but it can be done, just have to get the right holster. Moving
    from uniform to plain clothes I'm now looking for that holster.

  • Posted in thread: Beretta 92fs IWB holster on 11-22-2012 at 09:09 PM
    Looked at the 1911, sticking point is the single stack mag, and the preferred DA / SA mode of

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