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  • Posted in thread: Today I mourn the passing of a beloved friend on 04-21-2009 at 01:59 AM
    Matt, I am so sorry for your loss. I've lost 2 dogs that were my kids one in 2002 and one in
    2006. I haven't had the strength to look at all the posts about this, but please search for the
    "Rainbow Br...

  • Posted in thread: Alabama Shooting Spree on 03-12-2009 at 02:05 PM
    Such goofy posts like Samples are reasons people try to ban all guns. I'm a cop who strongly
    believes in the Second Amendment and such goofy prior comments only hurt the cause

  • Posted in thread: Police Patrol Rifles on 03-03-2009 at 06:51 PM
    I went to the site and registered, how do I find him? Does he go by his name or screen name?

  • Posted in thread: Police Patrol Rifles on 03-01-2009 at 11:42 PM
    I'm a police officer in South Bend, IN and we currently issue a limited number of patrol
    rifles. I'm trying to gather information to present to the administration trying to talk them
    in to allowing of...

  • Posted in thread: extra mags on 11-25-2008 at 02:34 PM
    It depends on what I am carrying. I usually carry 1 extra mag. I'm currently carrying a Glock
    23 off duty and carry and extra mag and handcuffs. If I can't handle it with those rounds, I am
    in the wro...

  • Posted in thread: AR 15 night sights on 11-06-2008 at 11:52 PM
    I'm sure this has been covered, but I haven't been able to find the answer. I'm contemplating
    buying a front night sight for my RRA. Anyone have any suggestions of what is the best to buy
    and how hard...

  • Posted in thread: Prices Went Up! on 11-06-2008 at 12:14 PM
    I bought Some ..23 TRU ammo from Cheaper Than Dirt on 10/20 for $14.59 a box and it is now $29
    a box.

  • Posted in thread: Would you carry a revolver? on 10-20-2008 at 07:49 PM
    I don't carry a revolver out and about much any more because of the rise in crime in my city,
    but if that was all I had to carry, it is much better than a sharp stick. I have a Tuarus 605
    loaded with ...

  • Posted in thread: Illegal Stops occurring across USA? on 10-20-2008 at 06:27 PM
    As a police officer in the midwest, I don't see these events happening like you say. Sobriety
    checkpoints are allowed by Indiana law and also have requirement of what needs to be done to
    have such an ...

  • Posted in thread: Removing an AR Buttstock on 09-26-2008 at 07:53 PM
    Disregard any further. With the help of a friend, I got the task done.